Hot Springs
Garland County
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Things To Do in Hot Springs

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National Park
TodemmyI plan to walk to Huka Falls and have an idea that there will be places to swim on the way, so I brought my swimsuit. I am so glad I met! When I walked from the park to the river, I didn't know what would happen. When I walked over the hill and saw this little hot spring below, I was surprised. The temperature of the water is not the most comfortable-it will be cold and hot, it depends on where you stand-but hey, this is natural! The facilities on site are also very good, because I have no expectations there . There are toilets and changing rooms, free drinking water and a small cafe selling drinks and ice cream. This is a very good place to play for free, spend an hour or two, everyone can have fun there.
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City Park
鲁西LucyThere is a river called Ouachita. People build dams along the river to form a lake. The uppermost lake is extremely large, called Lake Ouachita, and the second lake is called Lake Hamilton. The area of the lake is also very large, and the lowermost lake is Lake Catherine. The hot spring city is built on Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine. There are many lake properties with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Several golf courses nearby have improved the home environment. The RV camps built along the river are also called along the lake, which attracts many tourists. The many bath houses in the city are worth checking out.
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City Park
鲁西LucyLake Catherine State Park has campsites for RVs, as well as cottages for tourists. You can drive by yourself and stay in the cabin for a few days. The cabin villa has a separate fishing dock. You can also rent a boat to play in the lake. The best time is from early April to the end of October. It is just over ten miles from Hot Springs National Park. You can go to the bubble hot spring at night♨️
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M30***41Located at 1701 East Grand Avenue off of Highway 70 on the FUN side of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is a 45 minute drive from Little Rock and within easy driving distance from Memphis, Shreveport, Dallas, and Tulsa.
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M30***41Having never heard of Mountain Valley water, and being thirsty, we stopped in hoping to get a refreshment and learn a little.
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M30***41Beautiful gardens chapel was closed for private event but you could still view from outside.