Interlaken District
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
D31***94D31***94Enjoy a sleigh down the snow track in Jungfrau Switzerland.
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Snow Mountain
chengse12135chengse12135Snow peak in Switzerland interlochen Ken city in place of the Alps, elevation 2970 meters, the surrounding a famous mountains jungfrau, Edgar peak, etc, is looking at the peak of good lookout points. Here because of the 007 series one of the film "the queen star in a thrilling fight scenes in this film is famous.
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fooler0809fooler0809When going to the valley, especially when going to the Scherlang Peak, take the train to Lauterbrunnen Station, and you can see it as soon as you get to the ropeway station. During the November, the current is not enough, but it is very high and it looks very comfortable. .
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Water Sports
Aerial Tour
我是水晶我是水晶Paragliding in Interlaken should be a sport that is very popular with local tourists (especially European tourists). In every corner of the small town of Interlaken, looking towards the Jungfrau mountain, you can see them all the time. The paraglider floats in the sky around the Jungfrau mountain like a bunch of dandelions. I personally think paragliding is a game for the brave. Anyway, I don't dare to play it. I can only look at it and envy it.
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Observation Deck
ROSE-VIOLETROSE-VIOLETSphinx viewing platform, after taking the Jungfrau train to the terminal, walk along the guide line signs to the lift, from the station more than 3400 meters to the viewing platform of more than 3,500 meters. The observation deck has several floors, divided into indoor rooms with heating, and the scenery is viewed through glass. The door to the exterior viewing platform is on the second floor. It is cold outside, but everyone must check in. Here you can see the Jungfrau Mountain up close.
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chengse12135chengse12135The jungfrau region on the west side, with the east green del ward, is in the old valley cliff village chronology is tender. Jadon is full of amorous feelings of the Alps, due to the ban on gasoline engine driving, so perfectly preserved the Alps plain village atmosphere, the air is fresh. To jadon, can take a cable car to the lattice Lv Ji stadio delle alpi, then transfer to the train; Or take the bus to the postal herschel straw berg (Stechelberg), take the cable car up. Here can not only look the beauty of the peak, Edgar peak jungfrau, monks, is the starting point of snow mont blanc.

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Boutique SilviaInterlaken District,Switzerland

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Zenger Käse & GetränkeInterlaken District,Switzerland

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Lake BrienzInterlaken District,Switzerland

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HohematteInterlaken District,Switzerland

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EigerInterlaken District,Switzerland

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