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City | ​​landmark
D33***05amazing place for walk, coffee, shopping or art. very peaceful, traditional. with great beaches around. every time when I'm in TLV I walk there around.
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Churches and Cathedrals
法国ribThis is the place where Jesus died and was raised. It is the holy place of Christianity. An interesting tradition, the twelfth century rulers of the time, stipulated that the keys to the church of the Holy Tomb were kept by a Muslim family, so that you would not all argue. Now every night, a Muslim climbs a ladder to lock the door.
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Historical Site
法国ribEvery day, people from different parts of the city, from all over the world to the cry wall ⋯ This is the holy place of the world's Jews (the nearest place to the second temple, the west wall) pouring out the suffering of displacement ⋯
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Joe JoeBeautiful Art design of the building and of course the Art in the museum
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yangniziThe land on both sides of the Jordan River is fertile and the scenery is beautiful, but it is the many historical and religious relics on both sides that make the Jordan River famous. According to legend, the ancient Israelites passed this river and entered Canaan, the “land promised by God”. Jesus was also baptized here before embarking on the thorny road of preaching. Before the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea, there are two famous bridges across the Jordan River, namely the Abdullah Bridge and the Allenby Bridge. They are the border bridges between Israel and Jordan. Between the two bridges, 8 kilometers away from the desert oasis Jericho, according to legend, Jesus was baptized here.
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Historical Site
Churches and Cathedrals
yangniziThe Church of the Miracle of Instant Cake, located on the shore of Lake Galilee. It commemorates the story of Jesus feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes while preaching in Galilee. The fish cake pattern paved with mosaics also appears on various tourist crafts.

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On the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean sits a stunning country with a long and tumultuous history. Israel’s deserts and high mountains, fabulous coastline, and historic temples tell stories from across the ages. Haifa and Tel Aviv have vibrant cultural scenes and beautiful seaside hotels and restaurants. The Old City in Jerusalem is central to the world’s Abrahamic religions. Sites holy to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all found there. Ancient olive groves shade Roman ruins while high tech companies power the digital economy. Israel is a case study in contrasts.

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