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Things To Do in Jiangyou

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疯狂的麦卡斯These days are hot, bring children, the cave is really very cool, nature is really ghost axes, karst cave phosphorous stone strange, dark river boating is also quite interesting, but in addition to the karst cave, other general, climbing a lot of effort, the scenic spot does have intentional guidance. Overall it is ok, maybe because of the number of times, there is no fresh feeling, the first time should feel OK!
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Famous Residences
山风-山风It is well worth going here, especially the holidays are coming soon. The parents take their children to learn about Li Bai's life, the history, and the future to learn his poems. The scenery is also good.
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一诺千金09Spring Festival tour of Lushan, more than 800 steps did not difficult to downfall us, all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, all the way to the top of the mountain chatting, saw the cable performance, down the mountain feel light! Beautiful scenery, worth a visit!
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M25***17Local Mianyang people, originally planned to go to Longshan, but Longshan requires that the discount ticket ordered online must wait 2 hours before the ticket is issued. Okay, give up decisively, go to the new development of China Dongtian, say how you feel: a group of people arrive at the scenic spot at 2 pm, The car could have been opened to the ticketing center, but I don't know, I parked at a far away place, brought my child, I don't feel very friendly; when I arrived at the gate of the attraction, there were not a few people, and the surrounding area was not very lively, I felt like I was going to be pitted; With the attitude of being anzhi, a group of 7 people ➕1 children took the ticket and entered the scenic spot. The first part of the road was very general, it was a stone cave. Few stalactites were not very strange. It was just so general. It was only heard that the cave had to walk for about 3 hours. Okay, go, come, go away. Walked for about half an hour, good guy, the stalactite in front of me is really spectacular, the scenery is really good, the parents who can't afford to travel normally feel that this 80 yuan ticket is still very worth it. I don't know how to describe it, just take a photo; In addition, always thought that rafting is only in summer, and in stalactite hole on the other side, only to find behind the hole rafting, want to go to the recommendation of a little more money, experience, look very good.
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M26***41The place is very big, it is best to ride the scenic car, otherwise it is still a bit tired, the middle amusement park is suitable for children to play, but unfortunately when we went there was no bridge, it was more difficult 😭 live very close, the air is very good. The scenery is good,
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_we***74Very good. Choose a time when the weather is not hot. Children can play for a day. There are various projects suitable for children. It is really great to be with children. You can also feed small animals. The most important thing to note is to remind everyone that you must bring toilet water. There are too many mosquitoes. I didn't take it when I went out and I was bitten...