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Things To Do in Jianyang

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CoreybBakerThey are super silly and playful. Loved watching them for hours. We arrived at 7:45 to try beat the madnesses, it didn’t matter as the line was already 400 people deep. it rained for about two hours around 11 and 90% of the visitors left. My advice is come on a day when it rains or not during summer.
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滇国剑客There are too many scenic spots to see nature's ghost axes, for the creation and design of this lake, so that the scenery in this view is particularly much, also from one side to confirm the beautiful scenery.
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M31***76Definitely worth the price! There is also a conditional discount for Trip.com and more discounts! Although it is called Ocean Park, it is amusement city~ in addition to marine life, there are amusement parks, pet parks, a stop for entertainment. ~ jellyfish, sharks, turtles, mermaid shows, dolphin shows, sea lion shows, there are no 6 hours to go shopping~ there are snacks, fast food, drinks~ especially suitable for parent-child tours, The theme aquarium inside can take pictures and enrich the knowledge of children! Lovers see dolphins 🐬 is love~ Carousel takes pictures, girlfriend is more beautiful haha~
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Memorial Temple
E33***05really pretty architecture and just next to jinli street where u can get a bite to eat after. recommend to get a guide to tell you about the history of the place and the different statues. see liu bei and his ministers and commanders.
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Famous Residences
ErinLI came here after visiting the panda base and it's a beautiful place to stroll around and look at the scenery.
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Water Park
M26***91The play experience is very good, except for the number of people, there is nothing wrong with it! Although the place is not as big as some outdoor water parks, it should have basics, well managed and worth the visit!