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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
ycxdThe first rural red revolutionary base in China, the revolutionary fire began to tundra. The scenic area is clean, daytime visitors like weaving, night scene lighting. The actual objects and images of the revolutionary museum and exhibition hall are described by the guides, which once again show people the struggle of the revolutionary base area of Jinggangshan for more than two years, which makes people shocked.
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Historical Architecture
英国人123Arrived at the train station at 10:20 am, 3 people chartered a car for 100 yuan to arrive at the scenic spot main station at 11 o'clock, 80 yuan bought a ticket and waited for about 20 minutes to send the car to Huangyangjie. Outside the scenic spot, I had lunch and Fengyi. I bought a ticket for 80 yuan to start the tour. The scenery in Huangyangjie is not very beautiful. At the exit, a scenic worker in an eighth route uniform sang a red song. Turning around, it is 30 minutes, then in the parking lot, waiting for the car down the mountain to 4 free attractions, museum, Nanshan, old residence, martyr cemetery, 4:30 chartered car 100 yuan back to the train station, road photo horn, Hongqi Street. Arrive at the train station at 5:10, ready to return to Nanchang South. You can finish the key scenic spots on a day trip. The route is suitable for young people and good physical strength.
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睡恣@M丶"They are in a series of struggles, indomitable, and indignant, and they are tolerant to drought, and they are open in the depths of the quiet mountains, or in the cliffs, or on the hilltops, or on the paths of the sheep's intestines, or in the bushes, as they are in the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the struggle, the Revolutionary martyrs who are not afraid of hardships are generally unknown and brave and resolute!
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Historical Architecture
gz当地向导伊妹儿Ciping scenic spot red tourism classic scenic spot, has the characteristics, do not forget the beginning heart, according to the mountains and waters, the air is fresh, accept the red baptism, the revolutionary ruins have been listed as the national key cultural relics protection unit, the price-effective ratio is very high.
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yychaoFeel the spirit of the Jinggangshan revolution, remember the heroes, the heroes of the revolution with life and blood ushered in the new China, Jinggangshan is the cradle of the revolution, the later generations to commemorate the heroes and build a museum.
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勇者之畏Longtan Waterfalls, size five waterfalls, each has characteristics, beautiful grand, dangerous and strange, beautiful, here, the eyes are not enough, not enough memory, want to keep all the beautiful scenery, go down on foot, all the way to the fifth pool. Take the cable car back, two people in one, ticket price 60 yuan per person. Enjoy the unique charm of the waterfall from another angle on the cable car. Some of the pictures were taken from the cable car window, and some videos, would like to share them too, unfortunately can't upload. Have the opportunity to experience it yourself!

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Ciping Scenic AreaJi'an,China

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Jinggang Mountain Revolution MuseumJi'an,China

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Dragon Pool WaterfallsJi'an,China

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Huangyang BorderJi'an,China

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Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs in Jinggang MountainsJi'an,China

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Jinggangshan Travel Tips

About Jinggangshan

Jinggangshan is located in the center of the Luoxiao Mountains in Jiangxi province, on the border with Hunan province. The area is surrounded by steep forested mountains that rise to well over 1000 meters above sea level. The landscape is dotted with unusual rock formations, ancient trees, waterfalls and caves. The Jinggang Mountains are an excellent place to appreciate the natural scenery and learn about the area's history – the mountains are known as the birthplace of the Chinese Red Army and were an important base for Communist forces during the war against the Nationalists.

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