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Things To Do in Jinyun

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avatar阿歪609"Before it was planted grass, Lishui, the first stop was Xiandu Scenic Area. If you leave in Shanghai, you can take the high-speed rail to Jinyun West Station and rent a car relatively close. There is a way to live near the scenic spot in the evening, and then get up early to see the beautiful scenery in the morning fog. Xiandu is really characterized by the peak rocks, landscapes and gods show, it is said that there are ancient literati ink, dignitaries noble footprints. Parked in the parking lot and then took the scenic bus into, recommended to Dinghu peak first, like spring up, it is said to be the emperor alchemy place."
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avatar_We***73"Excellent place fot visting.It's so huge even some days is few for observing all the beauty of Dinghu Peak.We could visit only ropeway .The view is stunning 👍awesome👍 Defintely its worth to visit.Its very goos that its not far from train station easy to reach there 👍"
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avatar方知行"The mountain and water are picturesque, and the biscuits are very delicious. First, we had some biscuits on the ancient residential street of Heyang. Ancient residence is a big village, the local people are still living in it, the ticket, Zhejiang ancient villages are mostly protected well, old houses, ponds, homes, wood carvings, just picked bamboo poles are big, very good."
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avatar旅の径"Zhutan Mountain, the essence of the five scenic spots in Xiandu Scenic Area in Jinyun County. According to the official announcement, the main scenic spots in Zhutan Mountain are Xiandi, Tanweng Pavilion, Jiulong Wall, Detached Pavilion, mostly in the north of the entrance of the scenic spot. Can enter the scenic spot, stroll the Xiandi, all the tourists' eyes are cast on the south side, all the long guns and short guns are directed to the south: Wow! A clear stream, a long bridge, a single peak, a mist ~ is the famous photo of the world famous Xiandu Scenic Area. In Zhutan Mountain, must pat one, walk one. pat on the edge of Xiandi pat. Good brook, north-south direction, pebbles paved Xiandi, is the best location to photograph Xiandu landmark-Dinghu Peak. 100 meters north of the Banyan Bridge to the adobe in the stream, and then 100 meters north of the Wangfeng Pavilion, are the best position to shoot the guests. In the lens, Dinghu Peak on the shore stands up and lifts, the cross-strewn bench bridge shows the serenity, the clear Jinxi mist is confused, and the Dinghu Peak in the water is graceful ~ Xianqi is full. If you meet the old rural women and farm cattle dog's bridge performance display, it is a long string of shows. Walk on the Banyan Bridge. Built in 1828 and rebuilt in 1997, the Banyan Bridge is 75 holes, 115 meters long, 0.8 meters high, a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit, quaint and elegant, like a long silver necklace around the neck of the good stream. The wide 0.6 meters of the bridge, only one person can pass normally. It is a task to cross the bridge, which needs to be done together and carefully. Standing on the bridge, open arms, embrace the wonderland, too comfortable."

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Wenyu PavilionLishui,China

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About Jinyun

Jinyun County is located in the interior of southern Zhejiang in the hilly region of the mid-south. It is under the jurisdiction of Lishui City. According to legend, the Yellow Emperor practiced self-cultivation at Dinghu Mountain in the region of Xaindu within this county. Jinyun County is so-named because the Yellow Emperor was also known as Jinyun Shi. The Xiandu scenic area is characterized by wonderful mountains, sublime landscapes, and rural scenery at one with places of historical interest. Xiandu was formerly known as Xianyun Mountain and is said to have been the site of one of the Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor’s palace retreats. According to legend, Dinghu Mountain is where the Yellow Emperor ascended to the heavens and became an immortal. A large number of films have been shot at Xiandu due to its exceeding beauty. Hence, it has become known as a “natural film studio.”

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