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628 Reviews
庄淇Tomb-sweeping Festival, come to Tianma Island to go out to visit the Doushan Reservoir, the sky blue water and green mood is comfortable, have a farmhouse at noon, the silver carp in the reservoir is stewed in a soup, very delicious, and the small whitebait, crispy, delicious, and delicious!
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M47***29The old mahogany road is full of green mountains, let people have a return to the natural relaxation. One step, let you do not know slow down. Friends must bring picnic cloth, find a shade, beside the stream...
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Historical Architecture
LY3V1The headquarters of the 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army is a teaching point of the Red Education. Unit organization. Several old houses are old, and others were built later. During the visit, I learned about the difficulties of the older generation of the proletarian revolutionary army. The harsh weather conditions and the harsh living conditions are far from what we can imagine today. But in such a difficult environment, the older generation set us a good example. We must learn from them that they are not afraid of difficulties, dare to fight, and have the courage to win.
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一缕阳光真阳光The scenery in the Tianfo tourist area is very beautiful, spring is full of willows, spring flowers blooming garden. The bridge is running, the birds are flying freely in the sky, and the crane seems to tell people the beauty of the park. It seems to welcome the visitors.
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一缕阳光真阳光The total area of Jinpen top 1.25 square kilometers is located at the top of Ma'an Mountain. The topography is alpine basin-like. It is the highest point in the whole area. It is a good place to climb and look far.
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一缕阳光真阳光Maji Mountain Scenic Area is an important part of the Reclining Buddha Scenic Area in Junan County.  Ma Li Mountain rises from the ground, majestic, majestic, magnificent, surrounded by green water and green mountains, and the mountains and rivers melt in the lake, which is very spectacular!

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Tianma Island Tourist AreaLinyi,China

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Eighth Route Army 115th Division Command HQ and Shandong Provincial Government Old SiteLinyi,China

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Yingnan County is located in the southeast of Shandong Province. The county is home to many mountains, rivers, and unique tourism resources. There is a great variety of natural landscapes. Some gorgeous landscapes that always delight visitors are the stony-iron meteorite site, the Naturally-Formed Buddha Statue, and Maqi Mountain Scenic Area. The county is also home to cultural attractions such as Sunbin Cave; the grave of the Ming dynasty Imperial Censor of the Left, Wang Qiong; the Memorial Hall to Sun Tang, Hero of the People in the War of Resistance Against the Wokou Pirates; the Large Stores of the Zhuang Family Manor; and the Eighth Route Army 115th Division Headquarters.

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