North Kona
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Things To Do in Kailua-Kona

28 Reviews
M30***41Be prepared for a hike over the lava flows to reach this beautiful beach. The drive is very bumpy so drive very slow. The hike keeps the crowds way, beautiful sand,swimming is safe as long as the water is calm. Make sure to pack your picnic basket with necessities.
14 Reviews
泰宁根吴承恩A beach with very few people, the location is actually not difficult to walk, maybe because of the time we came, the scenery is particularly good, there are reefs, the shape is very special, and the beach sand is also very comfortable, and the sea water scenery is good of
8 Reviews
City Park
东张西望望东西Beautiful state park, the weather was superb when we visited, it was a great area with lots of trees and greenery, walk up to the park and enjoy the beautiful views
7 Reviews
东张西望望东西The Caluar Pier is very lively during the day, because many people will take a boat to sea here. There is a beautiful scenery here, and there are many restaurants and cafes, it is also a convenient place.
9 Reviews
东张西望望东西Not too many people in Hollo Bay, there are beautiful beaches, clear sea, blue sea and blue sky to form a sea and sky-colored scenery, quite good, and the transportation here is also very convenient.
8 Reviews
东张西望望东西Loved driving the horse stables, it is actually a road, the scenery is very good, the town passing is very beautiful, the road conditions are very good, the driving feels super cool!