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Things To Do in Kenya

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National Park
无目的闲逛Ten years ago, I walked into Africa with a sense of curiosity and came to Kenya, a country with extremely rich biological resources. The pristine African grassland scenery, rich and diverse wildlife, and colorful landforms are all impressive. Ten years have passed, still fresh in my memory! In your spare time, it is a kind of self-entertainment at the current special stage to turn these old photos out of the video format after rearranging and trimming!
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National Park
Nomadic by NatureLions, leopards, hippos, rhinos, and more running around, and the park is located right in the city. It is literally like having a savannah neighborhood in the city. Wild view-scapes of herds of animals with skyscrapers in the background. Go early in the morning (arrive around 6am) for the cats and other nocturnal wildlife, or in the afternoon arriving around 4pm for the dusk. Get a group together and hire a car.
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Chri的哥哥The Mara River is a great place to watch the great migration of African animals. Thousands of wildebeests and zebras cross the Mara River back and forth in search of food. At the same time, they must be guarded against the crocodiles in the Mara River. Zebras are relatively timid and follow the wildebeest to cross the river every time. I watched it many times on TV when I was young, and when I was really in it, the shock of the galloping horse hit my heart. The primitive and wild African land made people love it.
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Geological Sites
飓风过处 伏草唯存Kenya, a country across the equator in East Africa, is not the heat that is usually thought of as a very hot climate. In fact, most of the country has a pleasant four-season climate. The Rift Valley is also located on the equator, and of course, it is not just a country across Kenya.
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Nature Reserve
E27***92We visited in February, it was a great experience! Entry for foreigners costs 1500 KSH and they do NOT accept cash. You can feed the giraffes food pellets and they are very inquisitive. They're soft to touch! There are also warthogs running around them. We happened to be there when a guy gave an educational talk about the different species of giraffes, very interesting.
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juki235Lake Naivasha is a well-known nature reserve in Kenya. Thousands of hippos live in this lake with a radius of more than 50 square kilometers. Everyone can take a cruise and watch these up close under the guidance of a guide, moving docilely and fiercely. The scenery of Lake Naivasha is also very beautiful. Many fishery resources are also the lake of life for the local people.