Khanh Hoa
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Things To Do in Khanh Hoa

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Amusement Park
_We***74Incredible place !! It is advisable that you arrive as early as possible, and even in this case, you will not have time to get around everything. You can get there by cable car or motor boat. We went there by cable car, and back by motor boat. At the entrance there is an amusement park, an aquarium, a cinema, a park with various delicacies. If you go deeper, you will find yourself in the water park. The water park is extreme and not everyone has the courage to experience these slides, but I had the courage. Be sure to take drinking coconuts - it's something. Delicious natural drink. The sea is a fairy tale. No waves, come in and swim. A little higher, there is a Ferris wheel, a park with flamingos, a botanical park and much more that we did not have time to get around. A lot of fun. I recommend to everyone.
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beautifulmemoriesxxLittle did we know how hard it would be to leave Nha Trang. In total, we would spend nearly a week of our preciously short time in Vietnam hanging out and exploring this slice of coastline. Nha Trang is a resort town that manages to combine high-rise hotels with a laid back backpacker scene. There are great restaurants, endless to-do’s, and some of the country’s best nightlife. Best of all, everything is super affordable, from the clean and air conditioned $8 a night hotel room we scored to the $1 happy hour buckets we sipped on the beach.
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小思文Pearl Island is a similar circular structure, the whole Pearl Island is very beautiful, all the tropical plants around the area, the beach and natural resources of Pearl Island are very good, the area of the island does not look big, the missing is good oh oh.
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Historical Site
Jason2020Quite a small area but nice to see something different. Don't wear shorts etc if you want to go inside the temples. There is a nice show from some guys and group of ladies, very interesting. There are some nice views of the water round the back of the park. There is also a small gallery and a couple of small stalls. Definately worth the small entry fee.
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M18***13A must do for any Catholics visiting, and even non believers. Beautifully built Cathedral, and a ton of statues of all the great apostles, saints and martyrs of the Catholic Church surround the Cathedral, in addition to a magnificent statue of the Virgin Mary. We even got to witness the the locals praying their rosary at 4.30, and they sang it ! Very musical and beautiful indeed. Catholicism is alive and well in Vietnam !
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小思文The four islands tour is also a day trip project in Nha Trang. It is a shuttle tour to several small islands in the surrounding area in a day. They are all the same scenery. They mainly feel the sights of the speedboat, as well as the local natural plant resources. The lunch food is also quite good.