Kota Belud
Bahagian Pantai Barat
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Things To Do in Kota Belud

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柒月-芒种Take a boat tour of the KAWA mangrove forest on the water side. When you arrive at the base, there will be an intimate local afternoon tea, which will take you to experience a different Malaysian Nyonya culture. Afterwards, explore the unique animal of the mangrove forest-the proboscis monkey, overlooking the sacred mountain on the super large viewing platform, the dinner is enjoyed in the air-conditioned river view restaurant, the seafood dinner is very delicious, and the local special famous and custom performances can be watched during the meal. Participate in the interaction, a lot of fun. There is also a tidal flat sunset on the evening’s itinerary. Kota Kinabalu has the top three beautiful sunsets in the world, which can be seen in KAWA. The price is very high. And the KAWA Pier on the water side is closer to the Mermaid Island Pier, which can be with Mermaid Island. The itinerary is completed in one day, and two different itineraries can be completed in one day. Isn’t it awesome and convenient!
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Outdoor diving
第二号爱人Participating in the diving activities of the dive shop here is quite good. There are many places to choose. Meals are also included on the island, but the food is more common, but you can also add something by yourself, such as Say coconut. The special natural ecological place is maintained quite well, the underwater landscape is good, the equipment is provided enough, and it is safe. Usually two boats depart.
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Water Sports
柒月-芒种As a signature attraction, Blue Bay offers snorkeling, sea fishing, banana boats, flying fish, and a lot of water sports. The fish caught from the sea can also be processed into Nyonya fish soup as a noon snack for free. There are also various land activities: Malay hand-painted and batik, beach volleyball, beach football, beach ATV and other experiences, making your itinerary full of value.
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小思文The mangroves are also a unique street of this rainforest, the forest cover of the mangroves is very high, there are many lush natural resources, the mangroves are green in the summer, the animals are also quite numerous, the view is beautiful
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Lingling8828Mermaid Island is located in Sabah, Malaysia. It is actually called Mantanani Island (Mantanani Island)). Because there were two wild manatees in the nearby sea area, which is commonly known as the "Mermaid", the sea water is glass blue, because the number of people on the island is limited every day. The water on the island is very small. Ba is very suitable!
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National Park
Andy pezThis is a great place to see the mountain and local scenery especially of you are not planning to climb the mountain it's self. The local food is very good and you can also go quad biking to name one of these many activities on the area.