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Things To Do in Langzhong

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Ancient Settlement
土豆卖豆花I went to the ancient city of Xiangzhong, it seems that I didn't need the ticket money. I said that the beef noodles in Xiangzhong were delicious. But I didn't know that the order at noon was a bit expensive. I plan to eat beef noodles next time. The ancient city should be the place I walked is not right, anyway, I went to the one is shopping, I feel the ancient city is a steamed bread like a commercial street. But the architecture is pretty good.
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Theme Park
老老倪Langzhong Panda Park is located at the southern foot of Jinping Mountain, Jiangnan Town, Langzhong City, Sichuan Province. It faces the ancient city of Langzhong across the river. It is a large panda-themed amusement park. A new generation of theme park that integrates interactivity, entertainment, appreciation and sociality. The main attractions are the Oriental Sun City, the Last World, the Panda Valley, Easter Island, and Pande Town. .
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Historical Architecture
长脸张少侠The Xiangwang Pavilion was built in 653 AD, belonging to the ancient Chinese Royal Song and Dance Pavilion, is the only royal building in the ancient Gangnam. It is said that the poem of 'downcast and orphan fly together, and autumn water is long and one color' is more classic. Along with Huanghualou and Yueyanglou, called "the three great buildings in the south of the Yangtze River". The pavilion of that year, has been destroyed, after several reconstructions, destroyed, is the 29th Xiangwang Pavilion. And the main building is according to the draft drawings of Liang Sicheng. The current version was completed on October 8, 1989. 🕙Open time: 07:30-18:45(Xia)08:00-17:15(Dong)🎫Tickets: 50 yuan/People📍Address: Northwestern Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province Yanjiang Road East Bank 🚌Transport: Take Nanchang Bus 25, Jiao38 Road, 39 Road and so on to get off at Yuewangge Station; 🚇Entrance and Exit of Yuewangge Station of Nanchang Metro Line 1. Clearing starts at 18:00, clear park at 18:30, evening ticket at 18:30 is only park, 80 can go upstairs with a guide, 156 has a performance.
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Observation Deck
Historical Site
鹰眼之恋Huaguanglou, also known as chinjianglou, is located between the upper and lower Hua Streets, close to the Jialing River Bank, the south bank of the south Tianjin related peak tower, the provincial level cultural relics protection unit. It is said that the building was built on the site of the South Tower built by Wang Yuanying of Tang Dynasty, so it was still called the South Tower before Ming Dynasty, and the Huaguang Tower since Qing Dynasty.
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杜111Take the children to see it during the summer vacation. The tickets bought on's website, the double ticket 230, are very cheap. The level of the program is still more than expected. The performance is also very serious. While walking and performing in the ancient town of Nanjinguan, it opens at 8 o'clock in the evening. It feels very good to take the ferry from the ancient city and then go back to the ferry after watching.
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Boat Tour
CD云上After a long time in Nanchong, we are still visiting the North Lake Park for the first time. There are lotus sculptures, tulip flowers and cross-lake bridges, as well as public facilities such as visitor center, public restrooms and more high-tech water light show. The night view is super beautiful, suitable for night tour, the lighting in the park is rich in layers, except the walkway with lighting before, along the lake pavilion, bridge corridor, rockery green, all by different colors and ways of lighting, these lights and landscape integration, very beautiful. and I saw a lot of what Nanchong looked like a few decades ago.

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Langzhong Travel Tips

About Langzhong

Langzhong is located in the northeastern part of Sichuan, in the upper and middle reaches of the Jialing River. Because it is situated between the Lang Mountain and the Lang River, this small town is named "Langzhong". "Langzhong" means "in the middle of Lang". In today's Langzhong Town both modern architecture and ancient historical streets coexist. This is place where tradition and modern reality have reached the perfect level of integration and balance. Langzhong's more than 2,300 years of history have left a rich legacy. In the area there are sites such as the Han Huanhou Tomb (Zhangfei Temple) where Zhangfei's body was kept, the Guanghua Building (which is named "First Building in Langzhong"), and the Baba Mosque—one of the holy places of Islam.

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