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Historical Architecture
Ancient Settlement
钱旋1Leizhou City is a national historical and cultural city and the seat of Gulei Prefecture. Since ancient times, it has the reputation of "Ancient County of Lingnan, Wonder of the North of the Sea". Among the cultural relics and historic sites are: Leizu Temple, Sanyuan Pagoda, Shixian Temple, Tianning Temple, West Lake Park, etc.
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Hot Springs Resort
Water Park
quanweihbLeizhou is a good five-star hotel, the lobby is on the third floor, and there is an outdoor hot spring on the first floor. The dining environment is also good, and the breakfast is still rich. It is just that you can see the hot springs from the room and make the hot springs a little embarrassing.
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City Park
钱旋1Leizhou West Lake is located in Leizhou City, Guangdong Province, a national historical and cultural city. Leizhou West Lake Park is a garden-style comprehensive park with beautiful scenery, rich in humanities, natural scenery, sage trails and various recreational projects. People visit, not only Witness the unique style of southern sky, and listen to a piece of Leizhou history with ups and downs
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Nature Reserve
世界那么大可我只想走遍中国The Lijiang River is close to the sea, mangroves are found on the seaside in many places, and there are traditional laws to protect them. These trees are submerged in the sea at high tide, and birds are seen foraging in the forest at low tide.
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Memorial Temple
木易真人Lei Zulu was built in Tang Xiangguan eight years, in memory of the first history of the Tang Dynasty Leizhou Chen Wenyu and built, Chen Wenyu for the benefit of the side, by the local people as "Leizu." Lei Zulu free reference, the network is renovated, the suspension of the information is false, that information is serious when the epidemic release. Leizu has a big archway, the front of the door has a huge pond, after the main hall is divided into three left, right and center halls, respectively, Li Taiwei, Chen Wenyu and Yingshan stone god. Finally, the Taizu hall, dedicated to the father of Chen Wenyu, the Taizu forehead "light by Leiyang", it seems that Leiyang is Leizhou. Inside Lei Zu's temple were four stone statues from the Five Dynasties, and the foreheads were written in the title of Qianlong.
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City Park
木易真人Sanyuan Tower is located in Leizhou City. The original tower of the Tang Kaiyuan Temple stone tower, the shape of the pen, so the name of the pen tower, the Yuan Dynasty tower destroyed. Reconstruction in the Ming Wanli 43 years, because of the break of the soil, three eggs of snakes, is considered as "Sanyuan and younger brother" signs, so the name "Sanyuan Qixiu Tower." Three-Yuan Tower Park is free to visit, there is free parking. The park has two public parks commemorating the Qing Dynasty twice as much as the Qing official Chen Xi and Chen Changqi. The Three-Yuan Tower is now not accessible for safety reasons.

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About Leizhou

Leizhou is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Shenjiang City in Guangdong Province. The city is located along the central part of the Leizhou Peninsula and faces the sea on both sides. Leizhou has a long history and a vast amount of historical culture. The regional culture - Leizhou culture - is listed as one of the four main cultures in Guangdong. There are a vast number of cultural sites and tourist attractions in the area, such as the Lei Ancestral Temple, Sanyuan Tower, Zhenwu Hall, and Tianning Temple.

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