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Things To Do in Liangshanzhou

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山在穷游Before not coming to Xichang, I heard friends say that Xichang has a lake and a sea worth seeing. This pot is the famous Wuhu, the other sea is Bohai. As a lake in the city, I really didn't have much expectations for him, but I fell in love with him after I rode around the Bohai Sea on my bike. There are many ways to see the Bohai Sea, one is to take a slow tour along the riverway in Xichang City, the other is to rent a bicycle to ride around the Bohai Sea, a comprehensive tour, of course, the third way is also a lot of people will take, It's to climb the Lushan and look down at the entire Bohai Sea. I have used these ways, and I have uploaded relevant pictures, everyone can enjoy it, if you have any questions, please leave a message at any time.
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Ornamental Hot spring
kongyaojiLuojishan Jiujuli Waterfall Hot Spring is one of the hot springs that have been soaked. The dressing facilities are the worst but the hot springs in the best environment are not one of them. Now it is the dry season, and there is also a fairy fog. The friends are still playing mad [causing teeth]
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山在穷游Luojishan is a must-punch to Xichang attraction, but many donkey friends because of traffic or other factors and give up here, I also struggled, a long time before deciding to climb a climb, yes, I did not take the cable car to climb the highest point of Luojishan, But with two feet step by step climb up. At the foot of the Luojishan Mountain met the two grandpa, Grandpa told me to go logically is still very hard, but his grandson's smile gave me great strength. It was quiet because I was alone on the road, and there was even a feeling of running out of animals or other species. So I sang the mountain song all the way to the top of Luojishan, the top of the mountain has the lake of the mountain, of course, there are many kinds of lakes, as long as you will walk, and turn for 2-3 hours or no problem.
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Military Site
系统错误提示The place is very crowded and very suitable for some space launch plans. Chinese spaceflight is in Xichang. It is really hard to see a lot of things and learn a lot of unfamiliar stories here.
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山在穷游The two words of Lushan will be very familiar to everyone, because Wang Lushan Waterfall is especially famous. But today we want to introduce Lushan, not Bu Lushan, but Lushan in Xichang. If you pay attention to the fire in Xichang, you will be very familiar with the mountain, because the fire spread on this mountain for a few days. To climb the mountain is not an easy thing, because there is no public transportation and cableway, can only take the test. Before going up the mountain, I asked the people who went down the mountain and said that it would take 2-3 hours to go up, which also added some difficulty to my climb. Fortunately, the scenery is still beautiful, the humanistic monument of revolutionary history, there is a natural sea can be overlooked, there is one green tree after another and lively and lovely monkeys, but these monkeys must not go to provoke them, because it is still very fierce. On the way up the mountain we will meet several temples, first Buddhist temple, then Taoist temple, or full of human culture. It is relatively easy to get to the top because the journey is still relatively flat. It is the top where you can see two signal towers. There is a lookout on the top of the mountain. There are special staff staying here day and night. They are not looking for the scenery. But to observe the fire, the last photo I sent was the last fire left the dead tree, fire protection is more than Mount Tai.
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爱到处耍的小明The scenic spot is not too big, and it will be finished in an hour. The cave is still more characteristic, there is wine to buy, the mountain area is very poor, many children sell some very cheap crafts, and potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔, I hope that after poverty reduction, I can revitalize the countryside.

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Xichang Satellite Launch CenterLiangshanzhou,China

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Mahu Lake Scenic AreaLiangshanzhou,China

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Qionghai Hotel Hot Spring ClubLiangshanzhou,China

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Chuanxing Hot SpringLiangshanzhou,China

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Baishui RiverLiangshanzhou,China

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About Liangshanzhou

The Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture (凉山彝族自治) is the region with the highest population of Yi people in China. Liangshan Prefecture is rich in tourism resources, such as the Luoji Ninety-nine Li Hot Spring Waterfall, the Lushan Mountain Qionghai Lake Scenic Area, the Luojishan Scenic Area, the Mianning Mount Lingshan Scenic Area and the Lugu Lake Scenic Area.

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