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滇国剑客Maybe it's because the lotus here finds the feeling and blooms very beautifully. The names of the corresponding villages and towns are also very peculiar, so they are named directly by the flower name, but the scenery is so beautiful that it can match the name.
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Ancient Pagoda
石门山Yangshan Wen Pagoda is located in the intersection village at the northwestern foot of Shimen Mountain. This tower belongs to the blue brick pagoda of Miyanlou pavilion. The tower is 22,4 meters high and has a brick-wood structure. It has seven floors and eight sides. The bottom west has an arched brick door and the upper end is embedded. Inscribed on the plaque in Yuyin. The walls of the tower are made of water-milled blue bricks, tung oil, lime, and glutinous rice. The bottom tower has a circumference of 16,8 meters and a wall thickness of 1.14 meters. There are small windows on each side of each floor, 48 windows in total. Originally, there are stairs connecting each floor, so visitors can walk up to the Zongmu and overlook the beautiful scenery by the window. The top of the tower is a conical gourd gold cover with exquisite reliefs and inscriptions, weighing hundreds of kilograms. According to historical materials and inscriptions on the pagoda, the name of the pagoda is Yangshan Wenta, which was built by Liu at the intersection in the thirteenth year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1585). It was rebuilt in the forty-fourth year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (I779) in 443 years. once. At the intersection, Liu's family originated from Anfutai Bridge, sent Yongxin Yangshan, and then moved to Anfuyingbei, and then settled in Lianhua Beitang at the intersection. Liu's "travel and multiplication, rich and wealthy, a surname". First of all, the Xunji where the Xingjia lived was Yiwenfeng, which was built with a seven-level pagoda. It was said that the ancestor site was not forgotten. Yangshan refers to Yangshan Village, Buqian Town, Yongxin County. The village used to be the prime ministers Liu Gan and Liu Dingzhi who assisted the court in the Song and Ming dynasties. The Luxi Liu family is called the descendant of "Yangshan". There are so many talents, no wonder the name of the tower built by the Liu family of Luxi is "Yangshan Wenta", which actually means Shaoxu's Yangshan culture. Therefore, there is a joint statement on the tower: Jie Yuan will be the champion of the Yuan and the spots will be Bingbing, and the head of the town will be the Wenkui and Lei Lei.
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Botanical Garden
奥列纳王世充In the hot summer, here must be a good place to appreciate lotus. The variety is complete, and the scenery is beautiful, especially at dusk, the beauty is out of control. If you are looking for a quiet place, this can also be a good choice for you. Of course, when you come here, it is recommended to walk around the Huatang official hall and eat lotus blood duck. By the way, the lotus fried noodles are not bad.
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E56***70Wugong mountain is the best and most visited in JiangXi Province... It was a good tourist destination in relieving stress...
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M26***29Good, happy new year, congratulations, Gongxi, get rich, give me
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Yangshanwen TowerPingxiang,China

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