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Ancient Villages
D35***43Liannan Yao Village, outside Qingyuan City, has more than 1000 years of history. In it, the majority of the population is Yao, one of the 55 ethnic minorities in China. The Yao number more than 2.5 million people throughout the country and 400,000 in Vietnam, although they originally come from the Chinese province of Hunan. They have their own language and customs and often live in mountainous areas.
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D23***98Built at about 800 meters above sea level, this shanzhai is grand, beautiful scenery, but continues to watch for thousands of years. It is the lin qianhu shanzhai. Youling Yaozhai intact retains the strong Yi nationality customs, here has two national intangible cultural heritage project Yao Song Hall and the Yao clan head encouragement. In 1998, the Yao Ling Yaozhai was awarded the title of "Chinese folk art township" by the Ministry of Culture.
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南部-比利牛斯大区陆游The experience is very good. Take two babies to see, 6 and 8 years old. During the National Day, there are many places to choose when entering the stadium at 7:45 in the evening. The stage layout is very good, and it’s more sensational to watch the performance after seeing the Millennium Yao Village. The performance time is a little over an hour, and I understand the content of the story in advance and explain it to the children. The stage effect is very good. I live in the hotel next to it. It is very convenient to walk to the door 5 minutes. If you go to Lianzhou, it is recommended to take a look.
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Geological Sites
D23***98These mountains, up and up, independent into peaks, a thousand appearances, the same direction, not only eight hundred Luohan worshipping Pangu king solemn ceremony, but also with the momentum of the Ten thousand horses, and the Yi people worshipped Pangu king ancestors of the charm, so the beauty is known as "Wanshan kings."
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Ancient Villages
超正辣妹National Day went to the "Qingyuan Liannan Millennium Village" around Guangzhou. The whole village was shocked by this historic ancient building village • Look at this crisscrossed Yao Village in the distance. It has a thousand years of history. It is built according to the mountain. Shunshijie goes up and goes down. To see the rolling mountains and the sunrise clouds in the morning, the celestial atmosphere is really beautiful • Yaozhai has a lot of local food recommended tastings, full and cheap, such as walking chicken, landscape flowers, wood and rice, bamboo, There are many inns in the Zhaizi and other locals. The mountain view room has a good view. You can rent local traditional clothes to experience a hotel. It only takes 30 unlimited nights and bonfire parties and long table banquets. It's too interesting! • Friends with time recommend to arrange 2 days and one night. It is worth the deep play environment. It is quiet and relaxing. The accommodation is also very cheap 150-300 You can watch the sunset in the evening. The next morning, you can watch the sunrise cloud. It is recommended that you wear a comfortable shoe step when you play. Qianhu Miao Village can't really see it around Guangzhou • Attractions: "Qingyuan Liannan Millennium Village" Address: Nangang Village, Sanpai Town, Liannan Yao Autonomous County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province: 98 (online buy 88 including performance) Time: Recommended 2 days and one night to hurry up the day and return traffic: Recommended to take a self-driving tour to Guangzhou in three hours. (If you can't drive yourself, you can also go to the bus: high-speed rail to Qingyuan Station - then the bus to Qingyuan Passenger Station - then to Shuizutang Toll Station - Scenic Area. During the National Day, you can see that the bus from Guangzhou to Liannan is directly at the gate of the scenic spot. I don't know if there is a bus directly to the scenic spot in Guangzhou, you can check it) #My love journey #Autumn palette #Chong ah waves people #Guangzhou travel guide [topic] #Guangzhou search store [topic] #Guangzhou surroundings [topic] #Guangzhou weekend [topic] #Ancient town [topic] # Qingyuan Travel [Topic] # Guangzhou Little People's Peripheral Travel [Topic] # Photographed [Topic] # My Daily [Topic] # Ancient Architecture [Topic] # Qingyuan Exploration Store [Topic] # Travel [Topic] # Little People's Attractions [Topic] #
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Hot Springs Resort
啊啊啊啊啊Very good, the folk customs there are simple and the scenery is good, it is worth a visit

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About Liannan

The Liannan Yao Autonomous County, located in northwest Guangdong Province, is a population center of the Yao people. Liannan is covered by undulating hills, winding streams, and trees that stretch toward the sky. Yao villages are nestled among the seemingly endless stretch of tall and precipitous mountain peaks. Their rustic mountain villages, mysterious folk customs, and eye-catching multicolored traditional dress show off the unique charm of the Yao culture. An even deeper cultural experience awaits during the Yao people’s grand Shuagetang (singing) festival and during performances of their beautiful and uninhibited dance of the long drum.

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