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Liping is a county in the southeast of Guizhou province, on the border with Hunan province. It is part of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. The county is one of the centers of Dong culture, an ethic minority that lives in the region. In addition to experiencing traditional Dong culture, visitors can also enjoy a number of world-famous attractions including the Tang'an rice terraces, one of China's ten most famous rice terraces, and the historical Qiao Street, Guizhou's only street to be designated as a nationally protected historical and cultural site.
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What to Do
Looking for things to do in Liping? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Zhaoxing Village
4.5/53,360 Reviews
Zhaoxing Gulou Group
4.6/580 Reviews
Tang'an Terrace
4.2/558 Reviews
Tang'an Dong Village
4.6/5192 Reviews
Liping National Forest Park
Qiao Street
4.4/580 Reviews
Huanggang Dong Village
4.2/540 Reviews
Tiansheng Bridge, Liping
Liping Conference Site
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Xiageshangzhai Village
Zhaoxing Sceneic Area
4.5/54 Reviews
Dimen Dong Village
4.8/549 Reviews
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Discover the most popular places to stay in Liping, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.

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Experience Minority Cultures in Zhaoxing
Wandering Laowai
Zhaoxing Miao Village
Well worth a visit. One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in China! The architecture is stunning and there are lots of nice bars, restaurants and guest houses in the village. Be sure to try some of the different types or rice wines (around 15 Yuan a cup). entry is 80 Yuan and then there is the option of taking a 20 Yuan shuttle bus to the entrance gate. the view point from the entrance is stunning and you can take a walk up to the higher viewpoint too. both worth a look! loads of busses heading to and from Congjiang Railway Station. Also, the bus station next to the train is great for getting to Jiabang or other destinations in the area. Enjoy! #summervacation
Christopher May
The largest village in southeastern Yunnan is more primitive than Xijiang Miao Village. Liping belongs to the Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Southeast Guizhou, and many of the Yi people's villages, the most famous of which is Zhaoxing Village. Most people may not have heard of it, but it was named "China's most beautiful rural town" in the "National Beauty China" event of China National Geographic magazine. Whether Zhaoxing is the most beautiful, I have reservations, but it is indeed very special. has more than 1,000 households and more than 4,000 people. Although it is already the biggest one in this piece, it is still quite small. From the beginning to the end, if you walk, you can cross the entire village in 15 minutes. However, there are many things to watch in the stockade. The first is the architecture of the Yi nationality -- the Hanging House, the Drum Tower, the Flower Bridge, and the Stage. The Drum Tower can be said to be the symbol of the Qiangzhai Village. It is also the activity center of the Dangzhai Village. Every morning, the Drum Tower will be lit up. Everyone will be surrounded by fire, chat and play chess. Many important activities in the stockade will also be held in the Drum Tower. There are five Drum Towers in Zhaoxing Village, which represent Ren, Yi, Li, Zhi, and Xin. The Yi people also believed in Confucianism. The most interesting thing is to meet a local full moon wine. The red and white weddings of the Yi people will be banqueted by the people of Quanzhai. The place where the wine is placed is in the Drum Tower. At noon, it has already begun to prepare. A bit of iron pot is supported to cook and stir-fry. Everyone says that they are busy and busy. It was officially opened in the evening, and I roughly counted at least 50 tables, and the scene was big enough. I am curious if I just sit down and eat it. Later, I found out that I wanted to think more. I used to give gifts to qualify for dinner. It turns out that a few famous people who run the full moon wine are also not allowed to make money. Hahaha.
The Yixing Qianhu Dazhai Village, the Yi people mostly wear self-spinning, self-woven, self-dyed crepe, green, purple, white and blue. The girls dresses are very grand, sitting around and singing the Dai peoples songs. Compared with other scenic spots, even the festival, the sparse crowd, wearing Hanfu walking on the street, blending with the antique shops on both sides of the street, seems to cross back to the ancient bustling market. The extra new cloth has been hanged first. This is the cloth that the Yi A sister has washed and dyed, and it is also a process of the new clothes of the Yi people! Even in the vicinity of the wind and rain bridge, you can see that there is a beautiful landscape in the village of Zhaoxing. Reed, Miao is called stalk or "", is a reed instrument, Miao reed is very famous in Guizhou and even China, especially in Guizhou, its application is the most extensive, music content The instrument is mainly composed of a bucket, a ankle tube, a blowpipe and a reed. Among them, the material of the bucket is fir, the material of the fistula is white bamboo, and the material of the blowpipe is trees (no In particular, the material used for the reed is copper. However, the original materials for the reed are not the same. According to Song Chens record in the "Book of Music", the earliest reed production process, The bucket is replaced by a gourd, and the reed is replaced by a reed. About the ancient villages in southeastern Yunnan, you will find out that she is more pitiful than the phoenix!
Lingyi is beautiful and beautiful, and the most innocent people in the style of meditation , located in the southeast of Liping County in the southeast of Guizhou Province, is also one of the most mature Qiangzhai. Wind and rain bridges can be seen everywhere. The dry bar hanging shack is a special feature of Zhaoxing Village, which is a surprise. Slow down and sit down at the pedestrian street to find a place to rest, eat a bowl of tea for lunch, enjoy the breeze in the afternoon, and relive the past. The hotel is also built on the basis of cement, and it is a combination of modern and modern charm. There are more and more girls, and the recognition is more and more precious. Here in the southeast of Yunnan, it is the beauty of natural carving, let nature make your appearance. I used to be addicted to the drunken Jinhua, and I have never forgotten it all the time Today, my heart is pure, faded to the city, dust willing to spend the rest of my life, angry horse, not a teenager, accompany you to share the flame Drunk and drunk red dust look at the disabled years, some people have green shirts, cloth, flute, with you see the big rivers and mountains
Zhaoxing Village is one of the largest Yi villages in the country. It is known as the first village in the township. In 2005, it was selected as one of the National Six Great Rural Towns in China by China National Geographic. In 2007, It was selected as one of the 33 most attractive destinations in the world by Fashion Travel and National Geography. Despite the high reputation, Zhaoxing Village is still not known to the people. Perhaps because of this, it is not over-commercialized, always arrogant, and comfortable as a paradise. Today, the Drum Tower has become a symbol of prosperity and a symbol of prosperity. It was built by the whole people of Zhaizhai. It is not only a meeting place in the village, but also a meeting place to deal with problems and a problem. Resting place. Dwellings are also quite distinctive. They are all one-color blue-and-wood houses. Most of them have been for hundreds of years, even thousands of years of history. They are simple and natural, and they are row upon row, and they are spectacular. The hanging foot of the mountains and the water, the towering wind and rain bridge, the tall and majestic Drum Tower, the quaint and mysterious scenery of the side of the village and the Qingshan Xiushui complement each other, outline a long-distance ink painting, the years are quiet, and the years are innocent.
There are seven towers in the village, the bridge and the tower, each of which is a large-scale parliamentary hall. On major holidays, the patriarchs must organize all the people to meet here, every festive wedding, Underneath this, the wind and rain corridor, the hanging wooden house, the green rice fields and the green trees echoed in the blue sky and white clouds. The small yellow

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