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Longmenshiku Travel Guide

Longmenshiku is located in Luoyang (Henan, China). It has many popular attractions, including Longmen Grottoes, Lushena Buddha, 无上龙门沉浸体验馆, making it a popular choice for travelers.
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What to Do
Looking for things to do in Longmenshiku? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Longmen Grottoes
Nearby City
4.6/516,559 Reviews
China National Flower Garden
Nearby City
White Horse Temple
Nearby City
4.5/53,320 Reviews
Sui and Tang Dynasty Town Botanic Gardens
Nearby City
Tianzi Jialiu Museum
Nearby City
4.3/51,731 Reviews
Luoyang Museum
Nearby City
4.6/5891 Reviews
Longmen Aquarium
Nearby City
4.5/51,037 Reviews
Guanlin Temple
Nearby City
4.3/51,130 Reviews
Wangcheng Park
Nearby City
4.4/5765 Reviews
Shaolin Temple
Nearby City
4.4/510,036 Reviews
Lijing Gate
Nearby City
4.1/5643 Reviews

Discover the Real Longmenshiku With a Local Expert

Great place for a day trip
Longmen Grottoes, must visit site in Luoyang
Lotus cave. Longmen grottoes, Luoyang City. Well, this cave is very interesting from Buddhism study point of view. Whatever, visitors coming here to make a pictures of very beautiful creation. In the roof on top we can spot the lotus. But another one lotus flower made from stone is located in front of this cave where children like to climb and their parents make pictures. I would like to emphasize this cave was not restored or something. It looks like this after all centuries had been covered by soil until it was excavated.
Wanfo Cave. Luoyang Long Men grottoes. Wanfo could be written in Chinese like 万佛 and means ten thousand Buddhas. The cave is small but has a lot of tiny Buddhas and Buddha shapes engraved on the surface if the walls. Very interesting place to examine carefully.
Lushena Buddha. Luoyang, Long Men site. lunshena Buddha is hugest one in the are and this is visit card, the symbol of Long Men and whole Luoyang City. The statures are enormous big! There is only one question coming up to the mind, how ancient masters could create this kind of art and religious objects? Their spirits we really empowered by some supernatural forces! It is unbelievable! When you look at it, well around, you have no words to describe your feelings.
龙门石窟 aka Long Men Grottoes. The miracle and tourist pearl in Luoyang tourist spot collection. The cultural heritage significance is immense! As the religious place Long Men also plays important role. If look at this place as look at art object, it has nothing equal to its size and beauty among other similar places. Inside are several locations and spots, each one is interesting by itself. The total time to explore this place requires three to four hours.
#TOTD Longmen Grottoes worship Buddha Longmen Grottoes, the largest Buddha statue - Lushen Buddha, for Sakyamuni's body of Buddha, according to the Buddhist scriptures, Lushe that means bright. It is said that its face is shaped by Wu Zetian as a prototype, but it is difficult to make people associate with a cold and arbitrarily arrogant generation of empresses. This Buddha statue has a height of 17.14 meters, a head height of 4 meters, and an ear length of 1.9 meters. The Buddha's face is full and round, the top of the head is wavy hairline, and the double eyebrows are like a new moon, attached to a pair of show eyes, gazing slightly. Below. High straight nose, small mouth, showing a peaceful smile. Both ears are long and slightly sag, and the lower jaw is round and slightly protrudes forward. Harmony and harmony, peace and quiet, wearing a shoulder-shoulder style, the clothes pattern is simple and simple, a circle of concentric circles of clothing, the head is very clear and holy. The whole Buddha statue is like a wise and kindly middle-aged woman who is respectful and fearful.
The Longmen Grottoes are one of the three major caves in China. The other two are the Datong Yungang Grottoes and the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes! I have been to these three major caves. The Mogao Grottoes are rich in color, beautiful in form, and dreamlike. The Yungang Grottoes are characterized by diverse contents, wide-ranging subjects, and engraving! The Longmen Grottoes are large and large in number, and the history has been more than 400 years! The main exquisite grottoes are concentrated on the Longmen Mountain side, also known as the Xishan Grottoes, which is inferior to the Dongshan Grottoes!

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