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40 Reviews
珺宝666The car can be driven directly to the scenic spot. There is no prompt, the elderly and children can take the Zhongba into the scenic spot in the parking lot. There is no prompt, and there is no reminder to buy the ticket. Family trips, there are elderly and children, not suitable for taking glass paths and climbing slopes, there is no reminder above, the elderly enter the scenic spot and see the mountain too high, sit directly in the rest area of the scenic spot, and then climb to the top to eat after asking the store, Only to let mom and dad go to the entrance ticket office to find staff to negotiate, then free ride into the Changsheng Cave scenic spot. But you have to climb the slope to walk, because the scenic road is too bent and steep, I am afraid that I can take a free ride up the long life cave. But the queue takes half an hour, and the climb up the slope takes about half an hour. Not suitable for old people and too small children to play.
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chaojileAcacia Forest on the water is located in Luodong village, Xiaochang'an Town, Mulao Autonomous County, Luocheng, Guangxi. There are hundreds of mu of raw water forest in the scenic area. A clear spring in the forest flows through the forest and forms dozens of green ponds in the forest, big and small, like scattered forests. Pearl. You can feel the mystery of the original jungle in the scenic area, you can also enjoy the cool and playful fun in the forest pool or water. There are also hundreds of red bean trees growing in the forest, so it is called acacia forest on the water.
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老吴华哥Luocheng, Guangxi, has a similar geographical features to Guilin, and the landscape is very beautiful. In its large mountains there is a "Tianmen Mountain", the same name as Zhangjiajie's famous Tianmen Mountain, which is similar in shape, but slightly smaller. But it grows on water and a small river flows down the "Tianmen Cave". Tianmendong scenic spot has not yet received tickets, few tourists, tourists can hike into the mountain, or take bamboo poles into it. Tianmen Mountain is 50 kilometers from Luocheng, because of the inconvenience of traffic, not much fame, so the scenic area is very quiet. Nature's ghost axes can be in this Range.
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老吴华哥In the small Chang'an town east of Luocheng, there is a beautiful river more than ten kilometers long, one by one, Wuyang River. The river's two sides of the green bamboo, strange peaks are not connected, the mountain village chimney, the river clear see the bottom, the water play fish clearly visible. The river is a river of endless waves and changes. Under the cliffs, there are countless stacks of water rushing down, sound and form. The scenery on both sides is a good landscape painting. Along the river there are thousands of ancient pine, turtles, snail hill, Makoushan, and other attractions for viewing.
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chaojileJianjiang scenic spot is 35 kilometers from Luocheng, the town of Huaiqun Jianjiang. Here, strange peaks, the water is beautiful, everywhere. The ten-mile gallery of Jianjiang is not like Guilin, it is better than Guilin. The mountain of two puddles is strange shape, posture thousands of, some mountain body is huge, give a person to majestic trend, some top is pointed, like to rush to the cloud, some like open-screen peacock, some like lion tiger, have as a paddle, each form lifelike, lively, lively talk view. Jianjiang River, dripping, clear blue, river water, such as a beautiful picture.
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皓月当空照地堂It is a water plant in Luocheng. It is a scenic spot built with a reservoir. It is a big square, pavilions and pavilions on the Jiuqu Bridge, and the scenery is infinite. It is said that the sunrise and sunset are very beautiful. To.

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