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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
MiyaTell me the most practical points! 1. The time period when the car is not allowed to go up the mountain. If you drive by yourself, you can directly navigate the Lushan traffic ropeway down. Where is there a big parking lot, the fee is not expensive, 15 yuan for 24 hours! 2. The ticket ropeway ticket can be booked on, and there is an automatic ticket machine on the spot. It is very convenient. If it is a account in Nanchang, Huanggang and Jiujiang areas, the ropeway is 80 yuan to go back and forth, and it is 40 yuan cheap.
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KristyAn amazing display of clouds, forests, and water! I hiked here on a rainy day. It was the best experience because the weather was cooler. The cloudy mists made the place seem magical.
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
鱼和尚Bailudong College is located at the foot of the south foot of Lushan Mountain, facing the five old peaks, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the quiet environment, is one of the four major colleges in ancient China (and there is a theory that the first), the Jiling people, for literature or history of people must visit. The college occupies a small area, but there are many famous scholars studying here, many allusions, you can slowly taste 1-2 hours, look for the traces of the sages.
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Hot Springs Resort
KristyThis is a charming resort with many spa activities. I tried the salt therapy (buried in salt) and the fish therapy (the fish nibbled my feet), both were relaxing and enjoyable. There are many hot springs to choose from including pools of ginseng, mint, goji berry, and green tea. The room I chose also had a mini pool in it. Super cool! The resort offered a free Chinese breakfast and my room was cleaned every day. As it is summer now, there weren't many people at the resort so I had a very enjoyable stay here. Lushan is an amazing place, if you visit, then be sure to go to Mount Lu Scenic Spot. I hiked to the San-Die Waterfall one day when I was here. It was amazing to be surrounded by mountains and clouds! Afterward, you can relax at the hot springs at the resort! I will surely visit again!
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鱼和尚Xiufeng is located in the south foot of Lushan Mountain, a separate scenic spot, because Li Bai's poem "Flying 3000 feet straight, suspected nine days of the Milky Way" and famous, Xiufeng waterfall from cliff cliffs down, falling and contrasting pictures are full, really gives a strong shocking feeling, We went because it was the dry season in October, the waterfalls were not very large and it didn't feel spectacular, but it was enough to imagine the full-water period or the first surprises of the ancients. There are some small attractions inside the scenic area, such as calligrapher Miyu's inscriptions, royal monuments, etc. The best way from the mountain to the mountain is the cable car, or hiking is very strong.
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黯然-终极神伤🚩 "Do not climb the Wulaofeng, is equal to not climb the Lushan!" Up high and looking far, the most beautiful scenery in Lushan is in Wulaofeng... Wulaofeng is steep and straight, the peak is connected to Wuhan, Qiqi beautiful color, praise the world! ⛰️ Wulaofeng, 1358 meters above sea level, Cangya Cangya, folding and folding, forming five "petals", like water, and like five old people contemplating, so the name. Majestic and dangerous, Haohan magic, for the top of the peaks of Lushan, the four peaks of Wulaofeng, Li Bai describes it as "green sky cut out Jinfurong." Three peaks most dangerous, cut the wall thousands of, cliff cliffs on a rigid and elegant ancient pine, the name "Songshan Song", peak top has "day near cloud low", "overlook the Great thousand" and a stone in English. A peak under the strange stone cluster, weather thousands of. Erfeng built "to be Qingting Pavilion", and "Wu Lao Cave" and "Wan Gu Shi Qian" stone carvings. The whole peak of the middle road length of 3124 meters, to play this attraction easily, it is not easy! From the four peaks down, Poyang Lake can see, really can experience "Will be when the top, a view of the mountains small!"

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Lushan Shuangling Taiyi SuodaoJiujiang,China

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Sandie Springs Cable CarsJiujiang,China

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Ruqin LakeJiujiang,China

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Lushan Tianmu Hot Spring ResortJiujiang,China

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Sandie WaterfallJiujiang,China

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Mount Lu Scenic AreaJiujiang,China

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About Lushan

Lushan is a county-level city in Jiangxi Province's Jiujiang City. It is the second county-level city in Jiangxi Province to be named after a scenic spot. Located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province to the south of Jiujiang, Lushan City faces toward Poyang Lake with Lushan Mountain towering behind it. The majestic blue-green peaks, the spectacular silvery white waterfalls, and the magical wondrous sea of ​​clouds are all part of Lushan Mountain's infinite charm. Lushan Mountain is a famous scenic spot and summer resort known for its cool weather in both the summer and the spring.

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17 Oct, 2021 Lushan Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:18/17:44
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