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Things To Do in Malindi

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GichiraThe friendly locals, awesome weather, the well informed guides, the impressive beaches, oh and the fantastic sceneries! Malindi is an outstanding place for a holiday.
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1 Reviews
思想的天鹅舞Explore interesting historical sites The history of each country will leave memorable legends and relics for future generations. They are a symbol of a country’s civilization. But history is really interesting, and it makes people laugh. There are only historical relics, which really reflect a past. Inadvertently discovered a very interesting historical site Gede Ruins in Malindi, Africa, and began a journey of exploration. Gede Ruins were founded by Arabs in the 13th century. When I walked through the ruins, I suddenly realized that Zheng He was not the first person to discover Africa, but an Arab. There are tour guides that provide special explanations, but it only costs 300 shillings. My tour guide is very knowledgeable. He thoroughly describes the history and culture of this relic. Every detail is explained in detail. I think the cost of the tour guide fee is also worth it. , I learned a lot of knowledge. If you just look at it for the purpose of walking, you may not be able to see any clues. Among them, the early air-conditioning in the palace of the Sultan left a deep impression on me. The ancient civilization was so developed and I sincerely admire it. There is also a very deep well. It is said that it was not until the 18th century that the water in the well began to fade. Here you can feel the life of people in the past. There are many historical relics in it, which is a vivid and real historical world. Practical Tips: 1. Tickets: 400 shillings for locals and 500 shillings for foreigners. 2. Tips: prepare a pair of comfortable sports shoes and follow the guide a lot.
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_GG***68It is a serene beach, good for family outing and fun. It's clean and safe. The local cuisine is creatively made and served, though very spice but I bet its tag wagging