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Things To Do in Manawatu-Wanganui

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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
julie2888julie2888Tonga also has the most spectacular spray hole in the South Pacific. There is a viewing platform by the sea. The coastal rocks that stretch for several kilometers stir up white waves under the beating of the waves. The water jets from the crevices of the rocks have the rhythm of the sea. At this time, there should be a symphony to have the feeling of the occasion.
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Outdoor skiing
总爱自己折腾总爱自己折腾It is considered a good ski resort in New Zealand. In winter, summer in the northern hemisphere is a good time for skiing. Europe and the United States deliberately go skiing more. The ski resort is well-equipped and in good conditions, and you can drive directly to the foot of the mountain.
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总爱自己折腾总爱自己折腾This is one of the more favorite trails in New Zealand this time. There are many trails, some of which take a few days, full day, half day, several hours or tens of minutes, depending on personal physical conditions. A few walks are not bad, especially the waterfall trail on the west side. The scenery along the way is beautiful, surrounded by volcanoes, streams, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and jungles. It's so beautiful!
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pxy0705pxy0705Lake Taupo is a very beautiful lake near Queenstown, New Zealand. The area of the lake is very large and the lake is very clear. Lake Taupo is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is also a great place for camping and sleeping. At the same time, you can also ride a bicycle around the lake, or kayak around the lake is a very good choice.
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玉玲吖玉玲吖The baby in the garden often sees on Weibo that New Zealand is a country that is often "ignored" on the map. It is clear that the area of the country is not small, but it is always missing on some maps. How can we not find out in such a funny country! Game content We came to Palmerston North today. And the youthful vigor and vitality exuded by this city let us know that it has many secrets waiting for us to discover! Outside the main city, there is a Victorian waterfront garden. Similar to Central Park in New York, it is a place for people to relax. The difference is that this garden is very exquisite, and it is filled with plants of various colors, which vie for glory. In addition, its design is also very strong, the scattered trees look neither crowded nor sparse, and they are very ornamental. They look like close brothers and friends. There is a path in the garden that goes around the circular lawn. The atmosphere here is very peaceful, and it is a good place to relax and hang out. You don't need to find time to go to the garden, if you play near it, you can try it.

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