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Mancheng District
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Mancheng District Travel Guide

Mancheng District is located in Baoding (Hebei, China). It has many popular attractions, including Mancheng Han Tomb, Xiulan Cultural Park, making it a good choice for travelers.
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Discover the most popular places to stay in Mancheng District, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.
Baoding Integrity Hotel
Baoding Ink Hill House
Baoding Runxing Hotel
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Frozen Waterfall in Hebei, China
The villagers used white, ochre and cinnabar paints to paint and decorate them. They are used to avoid evil. These paints are specially made from the colors extracted from local plants, and they are not faded for a long time. This yard has two houses in the north and south. Each room has a large bedroom with a separate bathroom on the left and right sides. The north room has a spacious bed as a living room. It is even more pleasant to set up a bunk bed for two. The family of the child, and the older child like me. The house is built with blue-yellow stones, and there is a small cabbage field in the courtyard for guests to experience picking. The butler said that we can pick it up ourselves and give it to the kitchen for dinner. The most famous persimmon ditch in China is Qingzhou in Shandong, the other is Baoding in Hebei, and there are 160,000 persimmon trees in 18 kilometers. Visitors can pick it at will, but now because it has been picked too much, it must be allowed, and if it is purchased directly, it will cost 8 cents a pound. The guests in the original village have a special special experience activity, which is grass dyeing. This traditional Chinese dyeing method has rarely been mentioned and seen today, which is a method of coloring textiles with natural vegetable dyes. We went to the mountains to collect the leaves of our favorite succulents, and used the stems and leaves of wildflowers to make fuel. After the collection, we came to Homesickness, a meeting space with temperature, which is also the room of book bar, coffee bar, bar, restaurant, conference room and basic room type. If you are not in your own small courtyard, you can watch TV, chat, do manual work, and read books. This simple method of dyeing the grass and dyeing the water is different.
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