Mount Tamborine
Scenic Rim Regional
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Things To Do in Mount Tamborine

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_We***99great theme park for kids and adults included. many activities even for small kids. I have seen many theme parks and this one is really better then many. Recommended
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Observation Deck
E33***72Got myself a 3day tickets and all 3 days' views were very different. Worth the price up there to see the coastal line of Gold Coast!!
29 Reviews
pxy0705The commanding heights on the outskirts of the Gold Coast of Mount Tai Burang City, where the forest vegetation is very dense, and many wild eagles and parrots live among the mountains and forests. They shuttle through the forest and are very beautiful. The observation deck of Mount Taberang overlooks the Gold Coast, and all the scenery is unobstructed, which is very beautiful.
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_FB***49good location for those who love a bit of adrenaline rush and water activities.
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665 Reviews
Kin WPerfect for families and couples, good opportunity to see wild lives.
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hongfeifeiThe one who welcomes you at the door must be that Sean the Sheep can interact with the animals up close, but the koalas are all circled and cannot be touched casually. You are only allowed to hug you when you buy a ticket to take pictures. Hold a koala and take a photo for 22 Australian dollars. It will give you a big picture. You can get it in about 15 minutes. The koala is very cute and cute. It's worth hugging. You can get close to the kangaroo and interact with it to take pictures. It feels very good-tempered. When you see foreigners and children pat it with your hands and rub it with your feet, it doesn't resist. There are also various performances to watch, such as sheep shearing. Because of time, we watched dogs driving sheep. The three foreigners presided over it, a bit humorous and funny. The point is that the whole interaction of the three foreigners will be translated in Chinese. How much respect the Chinese are. In fact, the garden is not very big. I think half a day is enough. There is a restaurant inside, which is relatively large and the food is okay. There are burgers, buffets, cold drinks, etc., depending on what you like. This is not far from Warner Cinemas. After bidding farewell to the kangaroos and koalas, we took a taxi to Warner.