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Things To Do in Nandan

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占姆士A prefect hide out from the city, love it. I will go back to the place again.
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D35***95Its very cold inside the Cave , highly reccomend it , tickets are a little bit expensive!
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135***02Xiao Qikong didn't catch up with the time of the last trip to Guizhou. This time it was built with the company group. It is definitely worth a three-hour drive. Especially the 66 level waterfall. It is too good to see, but the scenic spot is so big. It is really a life-threatening walk! The first day, the big seven holes are still very relaxed, walk and see to take a boat. But the small seven holes rafting is also fun, the company has more builders, the eight boats are still very fun, you must buy a raincoat, otherwise you will all be wet. The scenic spot is a car and a road. The water forest is basically stepping down. Although the scenery is beautiful, it is not convenient for legs and feet. The people with bad waist are a little unfriendly (the waist pain is really experienced). Small seven holes need to take the scenic spot *** car ***, feel that through a mountain over a mountain, then there will be different scenery, worth a visit.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The various functional facilities in the scenic area are relatively complete. Therefore, there are many tourists and consumers who come to relax and relax. After personal soaking, the tourists who are "moisturized" and washed by the hot spring scenic area have increased the popularity of the area. .
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眼中的美The full name of Geyasigu’s mysterious human wonderland is: Geyasigu China Baikuyao Folk Custom Park, which is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. "Ge" is the place name, and "Yasigu" is the beautiful girl-- Aya, Goya Sigu is the place where there are beautiful Yao girls, and Goya Sigu is named after it.
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雨中的莲This is an ecological reserve. If it is a leisure vacation, there are only three attractions to go, Qinglongtan crab ditch and Jinshidong. Passenger transportation center from Libo, you can also do the train to Guangxi in time, it is very convenient.