Nevsehir Merkez
Central Anatolia Region
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Things To Do in Nevsehir Merkez

247 Reviews
E41***89we stayed at that place for 3 days. a lot of activities to do and many restaurants with good food and bazaars around.
115 Reviews
Geological Sites
Rock Monument
National Park
E41***89We had a quad ride to the place. very nice and nice view at the top.
211 Reviews
Geological Sites
M34***68Great location to watch the sunset on Gremey's evening, to see the whole town, nice views, perfect with the sunset. Just not easy to find the way up, the entrance to the mountain is near a mosque in Gremey town.
142 Reviews
Observation Deck
莲子99A scenic spot on the outskirts of Goreme National Park, in the center of a town, is connected to the surrounding buildings, like a big sand dune, full of small holes, like ants built.
46 Reviews
Historical Site
莲子99The church with a long history, there was no one when I went there. There was an old man next to the hut with a sign saying that he would charge for taking pictures. He kept staring at you. The whole thing was quite shocking. The rock was very huge.
36 Reviews
莲子99This canyon is not in the core scenic area of Goreme, but it is a good place for hiking. The graceful stones are not so dense, it is very graphic, very comfortable, very suitable for lazy walking, and easy to view.