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Things To Do in Ningyuan

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莺语花儿Jiusushan is one of the birthplaces of the Lijiang River. "Guanxi Fairyland", "Qishui Hanqing", "Gaoxia Pinghu" is one of the famous attractions. Jiusushan scenic area, there are a large area of original secondary forests, especially stone, cedar, Banzhu is known as "Jiususanbao."
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Geological Sites
_We***43Nice cave... I’m on my own. I take a bus to get there directly, and then take the ten-kuai money from the motorcycle to the cave entrance. Tickets are 30. There will be a speaker in there. If you are a personal tour, remember to keep the phone number of the master teacher , Because you have to take a car when you come out, otherwise you have to walk a bit far...then you can climb down this free mountain again, the scenery can...the climb up and down within two hours...and finally take the bus back to Ningyuan can enjoy it at night The supper in Ningyuan County is more delicious...
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gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenery of the Emperor Yangling Scenic Area is pleasant, pure natural scenery, it is refreshing, now the season of bayberry, experience the fun of picking bayberry, good choice, refreshing feeling.
Nearby City
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睡恣@M丶The boat with the side of the boat, in the cruise process must pay attention to the surrounding landscape oh, do not be deeply fascinated by the colorful caves, although really have such charm. During the cruise, you can see many waterfalls around, the mountains and water, and some famous attractions, such as the birthday boy, flying elephants across the river and so on.
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艾水立方Yongfu Temple is about a few minutes’ drive from Emperor Shun’s Mausoleum. Due to time constraints, we didn’t go in for a visit. We just passed by here when we were heading to Yuguan Rock. From the car window, we could see the green trees on the mountain about one kilometer away from the road. The ancient building with red walls and yellow tiles is very eye-catching. There is a huge golden Buddha statue on the mountainside. Judging from the red walls and building layout, it is no smaller than Emperor Shun’s Mausoleum, and the environment inside should be very beautiful. This is a temple with a very long history and worth visiting.
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M43***77There are monkeys here, there are monkeys, there are monkeys, and the important things are said three times! The road up the mountain is quite easy at first, but it will be slightly steeper at the back. There are two roads down the mountain, one is basically straight down the mountain, and the other is the Huanshan Road, which will be longer!