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Things To Do in Normandie

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Famous Residences
包衫寺的古蔓妮The most beautiful garden I ever seen! The day tour is nice, guide is French lady and who can speak in Mandarin, very elegant woman as is. The souv there in reasonable price. Unforgettable trip :)
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Geological Sites
TodemmyEtretta (Etretat) is a small coastal town in northwestern France. Located in the north of the English Channel, a seaside town of typical Normandy style, with a population of less than 2,000 people. The coast of Etletta stretches for several kilometers, facing the sea, a cliff cut straight by seawater and sea breeze, the cliff is special white gray, like a huge white wall. The cliffs are crafted, naturally, several "archs", "bridge", the sky, the sea, magnificent. The town of Etletta is famous for its natural beauty, like the nose of an elephant in the Aval Cliff, which attracts many literati and inkmen.
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门子乀Not only is there a US military cemetery here, but on the sands of Omaha Beach, you can also see the rusty remains of the war fortifications of the year. There is also a landing monument on the beach, and the beach is overlooked from the heights from the American cemetery.
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m35***24I came on the rush of World War II. I felt it in the museum, but I gave myself a reason to go back to the country to watch a movie, and I have to watch the Normandy landing movie again.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼Étretat is a coastal town in the Upper Normandy region of France, often referred to as the Elephant Trunk Coast. On the seashore of Etretat, the three most famous sea gates are Porte dAval, Porte dAmont, and Manneporte. The sea cliffs and connected beaches here attracted 19th-century French landscape painter Boudin, realist painter Courbet, impressionist painter Monet and other artists. Swimming.
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Art Museum
小月亮弯弯Rouen Art Museum-Monet's works + a French old lady who loves to copy oil paintings but the composition is wrong. Art museums in small cities should not be underestimated. The collections are quite rich.​​​

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Musee de la bataille de Normandie,France

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Eglise St-Maclou,France

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Les musées du Mont-Saint-Michel,France

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Gros Horloge,France

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Musee de la Marine,France

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Eglise Sainte-Radegonde,France

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France, the quintessential travel destination. European old world charm. Rolling hills with vineyards stretching to the horizon. Quaint cafes tucked away in Parisian back alleys. Whether you love culture and history, natural scenery, seaside luxury, or just some heart-stopping mountain thrills, France has it all and more. Come along as we explore this great country. From the port cities on the English Channel to the storied towns on the French Riviera, we will highlight some must-see attractions and recommend ways to best enjoy the wonders on offer across the land.
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