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Things To Do in Occitanie

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雨声1668At noon, take the train to Carcassonne, the southernmost town in France. It is close to Spain and has a famous castle. The ancient castle in Carcassonne is said to be the largest and best-preserved castle in Europe. The solid medieval castle has a double wall of inner and outer city. The inner wall is a Romanesque fortress and the outside is a Gothic wall. There are 26 arrow towers in the inner and outer cities. After putting down the luggage, he went out of the city to board the castle with great interest, strolling in the fortress caves and old streets, feeling the history of knights in medieval Europe, until 7 o’clock in the afternoon when I came down from the castle, looking back at its silhouette, it felt a bit mysterious. Back to the riverside of the ancient city, night fell, and the whole view of the castle from a distance was beautiful! Walk back to the hotel under the moonlight. The next day we went to visit the castle again. We went out of the city gate and crossed the small bridge and then walked into this magnificent castle. When we entered the castle, we had to pass through the gate with a suspension bridge. I thought of the knight Don Quixote. Under the bright blue sky, the picture in the lens is even better. By the way, although the castle is a world heritage site, there is no charge. There are a few fortresses with cultural relics that charge a fee for entry, but no entry. There are old streets and hotels in the castle, and there are many tourists.
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E21***82The rules for visiting Airbus are very strict. You must first make a reservation on the Airbus Visit website (even workers’ families can only go through this route), EU resident registration ID card, and alien registration passport. Cameras must be stored in the reception area, mobile phones are not allowed, and a badge marked Visiteur must be worn when visiting. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
m35***24The scenic facilities are also good. There are wooden shade pavilions on the beach to rest and picnic. Many families take their children for vacation here, boating, diving, swimming, fishing...
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Historical Site
友谅大帝The cathedral in Toulouse is worth visiting, there are many ruins inside! very impressive! I just don't know how to reach the top of the tower! There is also a basement floor inside the church to visit! There are many small boxes inside! What do you want to be! [Value for money] Good [View] Very good!
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
轻轻的一个蚊The racing field was built in the 1st century AD. It was originally used for competition, but today it has become a theater. The arena is 21 meters high and has 2,400 seats. From the exterior, you can see the 60 arches at the top. It is said that it was used as a military fortress in the 5th century. The performance venue in the arena is 131 meters long from east to west and 100 meters long from north to south. Standing on the top floor of the arena, you can overlook the scenery of the entire town of Nimes. There are only two floors outside the arena, but there are five floors inside. Walking into the Colosseum, the old man walks through the passages on each floor, making a full circle around the arena. The photos do not reflect the real scene of the arena. Only by standing in it can you feel its extraordinary! The European Renaissance revived the ideas, culture and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and the art of architecture is certainly one of them. An Colosseum 2000 years ago, can people feel the contribution of the ancient Roman Empire to human civilization, right?
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Water Conservancy Project
小思文The South Canal is also a very important transportation hub in this city. The canal here is also excavated based on natural things. The transportation projects are also very rich. It has been rarely used at present, and these places can also be viewed.