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The Western Wall Plaza
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Old City
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Church of the Holy Sepulchre
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The Way of the Cross - Via Dolorosa
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Mount of Olives
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Temple Mount
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Dome of the Rock
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Church of Nativity
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The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
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Mount Zion
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Church of All Nations
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A satisfying meal in Bethlehem!
Obaidah seyamobaidah
Nice place #beachvacation
Mohammad Sbeih
Bethlehem was a small Palestinian town next to Jerusalem, but was separated into two worlds by a wall. is called "the place closest to God" because Jesus was born here (Jesus and God are not the same person). The other layer means that once the Palestinians and Israelis re-emerge, the Bethlehem on the cusp has a great chance to see God. But this still does not stop people's curiosity about Palestine and the pilgrimage of Christians. Every year, Bethlehem attracts millions of visitors. From Jerusalem to Bethlehem, you can take the 231 bus from Damascus Gate for 6.8NIS. The terminal is in the city of Bethlehem. After getting off, you can go to Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity. After getting off the bus, there will be a lot of taxi drivers, although listening to the price is not expensive, if you are not a weak woman with no physical limit, then it is not recommended to sit. Its not far from the distance. Secondly, you can also look at the scenery and humanities along the way. Isnt that the meaning of travel? Approximately 20 minutes walk to the manger square, the name is called because Jesus was born in a mud trough in the underground cave. The Christmas Church is just around the corner of Manger Square. It is very special that the church has no gates. The entrance is a low stone cave. It is necessary to bend over the cave to enter the church. It is said to let the pilgrims bow down in the birthplace of Jesus. The actual situation was that the Crusaders had sealed the original gate with stones in order to guard against the Arab cavalry. Later, the cave was opened for the convenience of access. The most sacred place in the church is the Christmas Star Cave. Go down the narrow steps on the right side of the altar and you can see a semicircle surrounded by marble with a 14-point silver star inlaid with 15 silver. Light, this is the birthplace of Jesus. Only the original mud trough was upgraded to a silver horse trough, and finally became the current marble material. The Cave Church, not far from the Church of the Nativity, is another holy place. It is said that the Virgin Mary took Jesus to take refuge here. During the breastfeeding process, the milk dripped into the stone, turning the stone into white. The church itself is a cave, the interior is very small and quiet, and people unconsciously lighten their steps. I heard that the rock wall of the church is often scraped down by powder. It is said to help conceive and promote milk. This is the Guanyin Bodhisattva of the Virgin version! The last point of is the wall, which is more than 700 kilometers in total. The section near the checkpoint of Bethlehem has become an attraction because it has been filled with graffiti by artists from all walks of life. From the manger square to the wall about 3 kilometers, I still chose to go. While walking, I dont think how far it is. Under the wall, I met a pair of Palestinian suspected artists who were in the mountains and were very interested in the big Xinjiang pocket in our hands, so they chatted. Do not say anything else, at least in the attitude towards a national commander, our attitude with the Palestinian people is highly consistent. Finally, I had a good time chatting. The little handsome guy also helped us draw a five-star red flag on the wall.
It is a super special scene for Christmas to come to Bethlehem, because according to the Bible, Jesus was born in the stables of Bethlehem, and the birth day of the Lord Jesus Christ was chosen by the descendants as "Christmas." Every Christmas Eve, Bethlehem will hold a grand parade every year, followed by a long team along the alley for a long time, the end is the Christmas Church.
The location of the wall with the wall ba is the city of central Bethlehem in central Palestine. Here, when you look up, you can look at the top of the wall, and the wire mesh is wrapped around it. It looks so glaring and cold under the blue sky. On such an unfair wall, such a seemingly simple sentence is heavily entangled in the hearts of every passenger. This is their call and the voice of the world. Many Palestinians go to work every day through the Palestinian-Israeli wall, a wall separated by people from two countries.
The Travel Guide always mentions Israel's Dead Sea luxury hotels, Jordan's Dead Sea scenery is the most primitive, but never specifically related to the Palestinian Dead Sea description. Here, Shenwei takes you to Palestine to feel the Palestine Dead Sea, which is covered with mud from the Dead Sea. [Happy] After sitting in the water, it floats up. After washing the Dead Sea mud, the body is really slippery. Like a cockroach, it seems that the skin quality is also a lot better.
Jericho Jericho in Palestine proudly calls it one of the oldest cities in the world to be inhabited! Archaeology proves that the city has a history of more than 10,000 years. [good] Those who are proficient in "Bible #" know that Jericho is the first capital occupied by Israelis after 40 years of wandering in the desert, known as Yerego. The Israelites carrying the ark had blown their horns to destroy the city of evil, and Anthony had given the city as a wedding gift to Cleopatra. It is said that a good museum will be built this year, which will attract more readers and tourists from the Bible, and hope that the city will be loved by more people.