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Things To Do in Panzhihua

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游侠半仙Miyi Longtan Karst Cave, the total length of the cave 1.8 km, the altitude from 1600 to 1800 meters, the instructor said that it is equivalent to walking 70 floors, I took an hour to finish. The entrance of the cave is a glass viewing platform. It takes two kilometers to go down the mountain and see the mountain view for 35 minutes. The cave is full of water, quiet environment, strange stone columns, the cave is surrounded by mountains, green trees like ink.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
滇国剑客Red Ge in salt side, basically become a very familiar hot spring brand, here developed the red ge hot spring hotel, whether it is a large collective site pool, or room water, are enjoying this resource.
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Geological Sites
chuen271This attraction is really beautiful, super original ecology, not too many people during the May Day holiday, tickets are not expensive, only 45 yuan ... is about 3.5 hours drive from Panzhihua, basically only by car or chartered, the car is to go into the scenic spot to play conveniently, As for the scenery, you can look at the photos ... Tips: 3.5 The hourly drive has always been a sharp turn, and the car sick friend may have to consider carefully ...
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City Park
woolynn50Climbing flower park unique mountain city park features, all over the plant flowers, birds, flowers, at the top of the hill overlooking the city of Panzhihua, you can also see the annual rare "Iron Tree Flowering" in the Iron Tree Park...In the morning, the taxi to the main door, the cable car did not open, it is not difficult to walk up, Panhua Pavilion can go up to look far, there are many iron trees in the Sutie Garden, and finally see the memorial tower from the garden, overall said OK.
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M40***18Ertan National Forest Park is located on the Chengdu-Emeishan-Xichang-Kunming Tourist Hotline, 8 small islands with beautiful scenery in the lake, and more than 10 minority nationalities living nearby. It has a quiet environment and suitable climate, which make it a collection of tourism, exploration, vacation, tourism and tourism. Rehabilitation and other functions as one of the tourist attractions.
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Water Park
蓝莓奶油冻It is really a good choice to take a train to Miyi. The tickets are cheap and people rarely take it casually. We are greeted by the warm sunshine when we get off the train. It is really comfortable in this cold winter!