Province of Parma
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Things To Do in Parma

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享受生活的每一天Palma Cathedral is really beautiful. The unique petal window can project the shape of petals only one day a year. Although it is not very symmetrical, it is as beautiful as the irregular color projection.
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小思文The Royal Theater of Parma is also quite historical. The theater of the Royal Theater is very wide. The theater shows a lot of excellent Italian works. This is also a very important art venue. There are many different performing arts teams every year. It’s a wonderful performance here.
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小思文The Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore has a long history. The periphery of the church is a masonry structure. You can see many good things here. The cathedral is also a free-to-visit landscape with many sculptures and religious things inside.
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Historical Architecture
WinnieLady1976It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the railway station. It is said that it is now the office of the city government staff. It looks very peaceful from the outside. There are sparse pigeons on the square looking for food, and the people walking on the street are very leisurely. There are many restaurants and places selling ham and cheese on the street directly opposite. Stop by here to take pictures.
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小思文St. John’s Evangelical Church is a very popular place in the local area. Every weekend, people nearby come here. Usually, the visit will be quieter. The church is a bit dim. The huge St. John’s fresco is also quite large. See a lot of things.
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TodemmyIt takes about 10 minutes to walk from the train station. It’s right next to Heping Square. You have to think about it, not because the location is not easy to find, but because there is no magnificence as expected, but he can be regarded as A historical site, in the architectural history of the theater, it is said that this is the birthplace. I took pictures to commemorate me in the mood of a pilgrimage, but unfortunately the time was very tight and I could not enter the museum.