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Penglai (蓬莱) lies at the intersection of Bohai and the Yellow Sea. Within Penglai are the domestically and internationally famous Penglai Water City and Penglai Pavilion, both of which are Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level. The views here include the mesmerizing “Fairyland in the Sky,” “Fishing and Singing Pier,” and “Sunrise from the Fusang Tree.” Add to this the unique mirages seen in Penglai and the legend of the eight immortals crossing the sea, and it's easy to see why Penglai is popularly called “Paradise on Earth.”
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Looking for things to do in Penglai? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Penglai Pavilion
Nearby City
4.4/510,413 Reviews
Nearby City
4.5/54,922 Reviews
Polar Ocean World
Nearby City
4.4/52,736 Reviews
Nearby City
4.5/51,434 Reviews
Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea
Nearby City
Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area
Nearby City
Jiuzhang Cliff
Nearby City
4.5/5829 Reviews
Changdao Sea Tour
Nearby City
4.4/5324 Reviews
Wencheng Castle
Nearby City
4.0/5238 Reviews
Qi Jiguang Home
Nearby City
4.3/5425 Reviews
Nanshan Tourist Area
Nearby City
4.6/52,004 Reviews
Tianheng Mountain park
Nearby City
4.4/5236 Reviews

Discover the Real Penglai With a Local Expert

There are no foreign lands, it is the traveler only who is foreign ❤️ and there are no shortcuts to any place going ⛩. This is My First time to visit in China, and found out they really have a great and beautiful country. Eight Immortals Crossing The Sea #china #chinabeauty #chinatravel #chinatown #scenicspotguide #couplestrip #familyvacation #familytravel
Penglai food recommendation: there is a story of the Eight Immortals travel to Penglai, eat a meal of eight cents, is the correct way to punch. The Eight Immortals Banquet is based on the legend of the Eight Immortals. The local seafood of Penglai is used as a raw material. It is a high-standard banquet for Penglai. Based on the legend of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the Eight Immortal Banquet is based on prawn, sea cucumber, scallop, sea crab, red snail, silk and other sea treasures. It consists of 8 types of cool spells, 8 hot dishes and 1 Hot soup composition. The Eight Immortal Banquet is very beautifully crafted, and it is both delicious and delicious. The dish on each dish is very particular and can be called a piece of art. The small sculpture of the Eight Immortals is lifelike and very interesting. "Eight Immortals" is a sign of Penglai, but the "Eight Immortals" can not be familiar to everyone, because these cuisines are complex in production and sophisticated in materials, quite a bit of Penglai's "full feast" taste, founded in 1987. Since then, it has been a reserved seat for high-end hotels. If you want to unlock the Eight Immortals, you have to go to Penglai's old-fashioned high-end hotel.
Rachel Yu
Warm Pavilion: Warm B&B, enjoy the view of Penglai City! wants to be cost-effective, or a family trip, a group of friends gathered, staying at the hotel is also a very good choice. Penglai Warming Inn is located on the 22nd floor of Wanghailou Apartment. The building of Wanghailou is the highest point of Penglai and enjoys a good view of Penglai City. The decoration style of warm is American style, which has both style and warmth. The decorative ornaments in the hall are very nice, and every piece of furniture seems to have a temperature. This wall is covered with shells, conch, and starfish, capturing my heart. As if moving the underwater world to the home, it seems to be able to hear the sound of the waves against the wall. Intimate boss also prepared super sweet cherry and fragrant tea for us. In the warm house, I realized the freedom of the cherries again. In the evening, we all sat at the long table in the hall, chatting and drinking tea, remembering the various encounters in Penglai. There are four rooms in the warm room, distributed on two floors, two on each floor, all of which are double bed rooms. It is absolutely no problem to stay in the whole house for eight to twelve people, so it is suitable for large groups. The roof of the warm is also a great place to relax. We sit here and feel the high seas and enjoy the beautiful city view of Penglai. Penglai, a quiet city, a city that does not want to leave when it comes.
Rachel Yu
Knights Inn Orleburg Resort: The European-style castle in the fairy tale world enters the Orleburg Knights Resort and is instantly shocked by its hotel lobby. The hotel lobby is 36 meters high, the roof is made of 24K gold, and the installation of colorful laser lights, the entire lobby in the background of crystal lights, highlights the noble taste. burning fireplace, majestic knight sculpture, thick and lively color, unrestrained and atmospheric layout, similar to natural and beautiful lines, every detail reveals the designer's ingenuity. Here I feel like being in a fairy tale world, feeling luxurious and comfortable, supreme and noble. The hotel's decoration style is mainly based on European classical style, with the theme of European knight culture, and it is mainly a happy family holiday. The variety of rooms is also very rich, with the theme of forest tree house, knight house, pirate house, sailor house, flying dream house, etc., childlike. And my favorite is the Flying Dream House, which is full of flying elements. The details of the O'Reilly Knights Resort are great, the carpets are 3D printed with the theme of the room, and the steps are particularly soft. The brand of toiletries is also L'Occitane, let us enjoy the honor.
Rachel Yu
Penglai Mulangou, live in a beautiful small village! For the rural tourism of Penglai, the cuisine of Majiagou has not been said, and the accommodation in Mulangou has not been said. Mulangou is a village built by Penglai City. It has beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. It is a beautiful small village. The location of Mulangou is very good. After the highway from Penglai, about four kilometers to the south, you can see the village monument of Mulangou Village, so it attracts many tourists who drive by car. In Mulangou, there are Sukolan Wine Fort and Lafite Winery, as well as the uniquely designed Mulan Family Farmhouse. The dining and accommodation facilities are also very complete. Strolling in the Mulangou Village gives you a feeling of returning to the truth and being beautiful. Here you can live in a farmhouse, eat a dinner at the Jiaodong farmhouse, and bring home with the villagers to experience the farm life. After lunch, we will rest in the homestay. From time to time, climb the terrace and look around the view. Sometimes walk around the small courtyard and breathe fresh air. The type of accommodation in Mulangou is very rich and can be chosen according to your own preferences. After I went to see the room of someone else's house, my entanglement was committed again, and every one wanted to live.
Rachel Yu
"Fairy Penglai" a story of a teenager going out to sea to find immortals! What if you want to ask me about Penglai's nightlife? I will recommend you to see "Fairy Edge Penglai". "Xianyuan Penglai" is a large-scale water dance light show created by Penglai using the existing seaside culture square as the basic venue and using high-tech means such as screen screen, water curtain, virtual reality and naked eye 3D. Legend has it that there is a free and easy place on the island of Penglai, and the fishing village boy Alai has embarked on a trip to seek for happiness for all beings. All the way through the lonely and confused, shipwreck invasion, island drifting, dream temptation, dragon fighting all kinds of physical and mental tests. After a hundredfold, I broke through the self, and finally got eight cents, and realized that the state of mind is the fairyland, and this shore is the other side of the shore. Watching a performance, the overflowing lights, the changing light and shadow, the legendary story, let us feel as if we are in the legendary world of the Eight Immortals and feel the native fairy culture. "Xianyuan Penglai" will only be performed from May 1st to October 8th. During this time, the friends who travel to Penglai can choose to go and enjoy. The daily performance time is 19
Rachel Yu
Taisheng Town, a very livable health place! From the first day of coming to Penglai, we deeply felt that this is a very livable city, so we came to Taisheng Town, a health tourism scenic spot integrating ecology, health, living and vacation. Stroll around. Taisheng Town is surrounded by the Sleeping Tiger Mountain and the Peak Mountain, so it is surrounded by greenery and is a livable, suitable and suitable destination. First we came to the winery in the town of Taisheng. Although it is a health resort, it is also a well-known wine producer. Taisheng Town has a unique atmosphere in the Penglai production area, which produces a Thai-style Thai wine series. Some wines from the Taisheng brand are displayed in the winery, and the price/performance ratio is good. In addition to wineries, the town of Taisheng is also equipped with restaurants, farms, orchards, golf driving ranges, hummers and more. From the environment to the building, from life to diet, we follow the ecological principles of nature. We came to the orchard and picked it by hand. The natural vegetables and fruits cultivated in the town are particularly sweet and delicious. After experiencing the fun of picking, we went to the golf course and came to an advanced PK. One floor is a public area and the second floor is a private room. If there are too many people, you may wish to choose the box on the second floor, which is more private, playful, and undisturbed. The hotel room here is spacious and comfortable, instantly healing our fatigue. Panoramic bay window, open to the sun, drive away the smog. With flowers and red wine, the mood is full. There is also an open kitchen where you can cook with the natural vegetables you picked. We enjoyed a wonderful time here, making this holiday a home away from home.
Rachel Yu
Guobin Winery, reproduce the Tang Dynasty! Guobin Winery is a winery, winemaking, wine culture display, accommodation and leisure, but it is a Chinese Tang style winery. Guobin Winery brings together the essence of Chinese classical gardens. It combines the essence of the architecture of the north and the south. The shape is regular, the shape is beautiful, the appearance is grand and the atmosphere is simple and unconstrained, which perfectly reproduces the spirit and aesthetic taste of the Tang Dynasty. Tang is an important dynasty in the history of China. Many foreigners have an impression of ancient China in the Tang Dynasty. Wine is the life language of the Tang Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty pushed the ancient Chinese wine culture to the top. Therefore, as the world's first Chinese Tang Dynasty winery, Guobin Winery is worthy of our investigation. Today's Guobin Winery, because of its rich cultural heritage, unique architectural style, and outstanding artistic charm, is unique in the international winery architecture and has become an outstanding representative of China's personalized, distinctive and high-end wineries. While visiting the National Winery, we can first appreciate the classical gardens of the Chinese style, then go to the wine cellar to learn about the heritage of the State Guest Winery, and then choose the favorite gift in the shopping area. The price of Penglai specialties sold by Guobin Winery is very real, and it is worth buying at a good price. If you love this Chinese style, you can also choose to live here and enjoy the state-level treatment.
Rachel Yu

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