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Things To Do in Pujiang

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_M1***06The stone elephant lake is not far from Chengdu. The day is the old people who took the family. A total of 8 of us went. The old people still feel very good. The air is fresh and the tulips of various colors are available. It is very suitable for the old people to take pictures. Hahaha, in general, the price is high, the scenery is good.
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弄玉非秦To the bamboo sea near the town of Pingle, has felt the idyllic song of the pleasure, deep inhale, the air is sweet! Sweet! Although very love Chengdu, but from Chengdu to here, I can feel my lungs very happy. Sure enough, there is a big electronic display screen hanging at the entrance of the scenic spot, negative oxygen ion concentration explosion table. The scenic area is not big, the whole journey up the mountain, the attractions are wonderful and interesting, shouting springs, after making a wish, the original drip water will become a waterfall, men and women, old and young are not happy. Walking through the highest length of the cable bridge, you can look out over the whole bamboo sea valley. You can play a thrill when you go down the mountain, do the pulley down the mountain, unfortunately just in time for the maintenance and didn't sit on it. This attraction experience is comfortable and cozy. The various vending machines and places that provide rest are just right when we are tired, and I feel very careful. Everyone should be careful about the forest fire, not smoke in the scenic spot.
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M44***93Really shocked, as a liberal arts student, really dare not look carefully at the anti-Japanese war history records, casually see the text of a cultural relics to introduce me tears, that is not just a story, it is a ancestor with blood and flesh piled up history, don't forget the shame of the country, Revitalizing China!
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City Park
Yoj DI went to Flower Dance on 4/11/21 the weather is cloudy. the area is huge. The flowers were amazing beautiful and the landscape are well created. My half day wasn’t enough because I’m taking photos. So I’m planning to go there again for a whole day adventure.
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Ancient Settlement
滇国剑客The ancient town of Xilai, which traversed the ancient time and space, can be maintained in the present state perfectly when it comes from ancient times, whether it is facing the time of war or the time of peace, which can not but be said to be a miracle!
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偷着乐健Worth a visit. Learn about Liu Wencai's family history! Big family is very generous. Many relatives are ******! Also ******! Also later became ****. Architecture is very well protected!