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Geological Sites
pxy0705The Melaleuca Rock on the South Island of New Zealand is a very peculiar natural landscape. The rocks on the seaside are naturally weathered into layers like a giant Melaleuca. It is very magical. This geological landscape is called columnar shoes. It is a natural miracle formed by the coast, and it is definitely worth seeing.
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Historical Site
PinkyNZ | Subtropical Forest Trail Truman Track Pancake Rock is of course the most famous, but if you want to find a smaller place, then Truman Track is very suitable, this is a trail that can cross uncontaminated subtropical forests to reach the spectacular coastline, a 15-minute walk. Arriving at the coast, it is a small bay with a good view. The scenery is very good, there are fewer people, take a few photo with a light-reducing mirror and take a few long exposures. No one bothers, but the weather was a bit cloudy on the day I went. Make sure you are safe where you stand for your photo, there are tips in the park to be careful of the Rogue waves, especially when the tide is high, and the waves are almost unevaded.
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137***66In fact, I think Pancake Rock is expensive as the number one attraction on the West Bank, but I don’t recommend it. The reason is that it’s just a pile of rocks, and there are no other attractions nearby. If you come here all the way, it may cost For a day or two, then just look at this stone, which is not worth it. Also, it is often raining in the West Bank, and the mood of playing will soon deteriorate, and the mood will also be soaked. Finally, there are really many black mosquitoes in the West Bank, which is very annoying. This attraction is just in the park where you are going to see Pancake Rock. You will definitely be there, but it’s just a stone...
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旅の径Melaleuca Rock, a simple and intuitive name, a unique attraction on the West Coast. The scenery is spectacular. Pieces of huge rocks shaped like thousand-layer pancakes bulge into the sea from the cliffs, or they may rise to the sky, or connect into one piece, with magnificent momentum. Stop and watch ~ the sea breeze, the waves, and the sound of birds; move to the scene ~ supernatural craftsmanship, colorful, impressed by the beauty and power of nature. Comprehensive facilities. The trails, viewing platforms, and signs in the scenic area are very scientific and comprehensive. After entering the scenic spot, follow the trail and make a clockwise circle to see the whole scenic spot completely without taking any wronged roads; standing on the viewing platform, the most spectacular scenery is right in front of your eyes; follow the signs of the signs , It can not only increase knowledge, but also take evocative photos. The transportation is convenient. Starting from Greymouth, the car takes 45 minutes to the north along the highway and arrives at the scenic gate on the side of the highway. Parking is also very convenient. Many tourists regard her as the first stop on a counterclockwise tour around the South Island.
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Punakaiki
23 Oct, 2021 Punakaiki Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:32/20:07
Punakaiki Running: Not Recommended, Cycling: Suitable