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Things To Do in Qidong

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梦露夫人I am satisfied with my fame and return, everything is better than I thought, and there is no worse than it is. Two words can describe ~ shock! I have forgotten to go back for a day, there are lounge chairs everywhere to rest, sit down to sniff the ostriches seriously, enjoy the life, often have illusions ~ I thought I was back to Europe. Ingenious and unique, there are great plans to show. Qidong Bus Station, 238, cost 4 yuan, 37 kilometers, in 40 minutes, beautiful scenery along the way, passing by the famous resort "Yuantuojiao."
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秦商911Going to Golden Beach on the weekend, there were no people on the road, and it was only found in the park that there were people. The park is free, but it takes 20 to make a tour bus round trip ticket (Gaode has a coupon), and the park to the beach is 1.5 kilometers. It's very hot and most of you take the bus. When we arrived at the beach, we found that there were an estimated 1.5 kilometers from the shore to the sea, and half of the roads were mud roads (very, very easy to slip), and the park organized a oxcart (should be charged) to and from the ship. The sea is very muddy, thousands of people are digging shells, at first I just dug, and then found the trick, the children dig very happy. In the evening, the park will have the administrator call to inform the shore, and again pass the mud road, the water faucets on the shore can be used very little (step down, several cases, several toilets), are crowded, the water is very small. When I go back, there are not many traffic cars, hundreds of people waiting in line to go back. Overall very interesting, and very happy. The downside is that the beach is dirty and litter everywhere (because there is no charge). There are too few traffic cars and too few water sources for bathing. It is recommended not to swim, dig shells. Many people are foreigner, all say play very happy, but also play once, too tired.
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xiehongyiIn terms of the ticket price, it feels a bit low. I didn't see anything on the third floor. On the second floor, there is also a trampoline that is fun... There are a little more on the first floor, but I feel expensive.
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E24***23it was simply awesome trip , it’s a beauty of nature , I spend awesome time there & will be back again .
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TaleTellCan touch the sky, in the port of Lusi, Jiangsu, the weather is particularly powerful, this day of marshmallows simply not enough, too beautiful. This is a long road in the port of Lvsi, because of the danger of high tide, the intersection of the sea has been closed, or respect local management do not casually over the better, along the road beauty is enough to see, stop and stop, very comfortable, it is very windy. The road is always open from the seafood market, many Shanghai people will specially open the market to buy seafood. It will be very blocked during the holidays! But after the small market, there is no human, quiet and beautiful ~ Seeing a lot of half-person-sized ~emmmmm~ Some shops selling various shell products and various seafood dry goods ~ Come to Lusi, you must try the local seafood, it is quite fresh, The price is also very suitable! If you are in the seafood market, it is best to come with the local people, because listen to the local people, the Shanghai people come, will be bought expensive 🤦‍♀️ In short, the sky here is really love ~
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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
HoooooIt was a great opportunity to visit there. went there around 4pm and stayed there at 7:30. It was beautiful view from the tower but very crowded when I was heading to an elevator.