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Modern Architecture
边弹边唱边喝酒Interested in national affairs, leaders, etc., you can see and visit, it is worth a visit, only when visiting, there is no other, suitable for the tourists of the older generation, the young people should feel very bored, the environment and scenery on the island is good. However, jade belt beach, too disappointed, all is living garbage, no one clean, the environment is not good, the stall is all kinds of vendors selling goods. Beach car thought it was free. The result is to accompany you to the steamship and then come back. After the bargain, 60 cars were driven back and forth for only 5 minutes. I feel that I have paid IQ tax. It is used as experience the beach car. It is ok to walk and have a look. If you are tired, don't go. Really don't have to see a girl... Very stupid...
740 Reviews
D34***56Be ready for an uphill climb but we'll worth it once you reach the top. Take the slide down for added fun
518 Reviews
亲亲宝贝1234Yudai Beach is a long sandy peninsula, also known as the Golden Beach. It is located in Hainan Boao, the outer South China Sea smoke waves vast endless, the inner Wanquan River, Shamei inland sea lakes and mountains, the interior and exterior mirror, constitute a strange landscape, the beach more living the national second-class protection animals. Holiday to go shopping, feel not much recognition, the scenery is particularly beautiful! Nearby, there are many unique styles of restaurants, the famous sea story is nearby.
334 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
M47***92The scenery is good, the scenery is really good overall, but there are a little more mosquitoes, if you go, you have to prepare something to repel mosquitoes. The staff service is really very careful, there are not many tourists when you go, and you feel full of freedom.
118 Reviews
Water Park
151***18It's not too big inside, but they are very happy. The exchange of tickets is really angry. The children are in front of them. They have to see the student ID card. The birthday and the photos on the ID card are not based on the student ID card. The old man is sitting in a chair and must let the old man come and see it. It's speechless! Bad 👎🏻
269 Reviews
人生风景线[Scenic] Wanquan River, ancient called Duohe, the third largest river in Hainan Island, Hainan Island, China, Hainan Province, the east of Hainan Island. Wanquan River has two sources: the South Branch of Lehui water as the main stream, 109 kilometers long, originated from the Wuzhishan Linbei Village Nanling. The North Branch of Ding'an Water, the source of the south of Limu Ridge. The two waters meet at the mouth of Qionghai City, then called Wanquan River, via Jiaji to Boao into the South China Sea. The total length of 157 km (another 162, 163 km), the watershed area of 3683 square kilometers. During the agrarian revolutionary war, 1931 3 16, the Soviet government of Qionghai County (at that time rakuhui Prefecture) in the Manquan River Basin established the red women's army company, and on the same year 5 1, it was reorganized into the second independent division of the Chinese Red Army 3 group women's army special company. It is a female fighting force under the Red Three Regiment of Qiongya Column, led by Feng Baiqi. This is the world-famous "red women's army", who was used as a cover in the second anti-encirclement of Qiongya Soviet Area, and was known throughout the country for being adapted into a ballet, "red women's army". The typical tropical rainforest landscape and the beautiful landscape of the river are breathtaking. The Wanquan River is a tropical river of China, which is not polluted and has a beautiful ecological environment. It is known as the Amazon River in China. The seaside beaches are white and soft, and the seaside beaches are evaluated as one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

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Wanquan Heshui ShangrenjiaQionghai,China

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China Film International CinemaQionghai,China

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Wanquanhe Tourism AreaQionghai,China

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Bo'ao Asia Bay ResortQionghai,China

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Baishi RidgeQionghai,China

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BFA International Convention Centre Golf ClubQionghai,China

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Qionghai Travel Tips

About Qionghai

Qionghai is located in the eastern part of Hainan Province. Baishi Ridge has a staircase with 1,308 stone steps that visitors can climb to reach the peak and behold the magnificent "Baishiling Eight Landscapes." The local cultural atmosphere is also very strong. The park memorializing the legendary Red Detachment of Women is a provincial-level, key revolutionary memorial, which recreates the glory of the Women's Army. Qionghai is an area on the east coast of Hainan Province that features a highly developed economy, a robust cultural landscape and a mature water and land transportation network.

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17 Oct, 2021
Heavy Rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Qionghai
17 Oct, 2021 Qionghai Weather: Heavy Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 25–34 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:33/18:14
Qionghai Travel: Not Recommended, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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