San Severino Marche
Province of Macerata
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Things To Do in San Severino Marche

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GeorgezouThe Homer Museum is a museum that allows visitors to touch the exhibits, mainly for blind people, so that they can also feel the historical sculptures, which is very humane, and it is free to visit. The location is also very good, near the sea port.
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TodemmyWhen we visited this place is early June and the only colors appear in meadow is green grass and yellow flower. It wasn''t colorful as the picture shown in TA. Maybe July is better time to see the peak of blooming flowers with many colors. However, this plain is surrounded by mountains and hills and field of lentils. We only stop for brief since it doesn''t live up our expectation. If come at the right time, this place is very beautiful.
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亲亲宝贝1234A beautiful town on the top of the mountain, the evening scenery is so beautiful! The cathedral is very exquisite, and the interior decoration is gorgeous, but it's a pity not to let you take pictures! There happened to be an event held in the church. I watched it for a while. The outside scenery, the blue sky in the evening, accompanied by the sunset, is as beautiful as a picture!
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姜姜岩A good place for a summer vacation-San Severino Marche Elcito [Small Village on a High Hill] Elcito is located on a rocky hill about 800 meters above sea level. In summer, it turns from a small sedimentary village into A well-known holiday resort, attracting tourists from Europe and the world. The houses on the rocks have been well restored and turned into a unique family hotel, providing interesting accommodation for travelers from all over the world. [Kitchen Breath & Cat Town] Since it is only a two-hour drive from San Severino, we have been there many times. The wind is very windy in winter, so it is not recommended to go over, it will be very good if you come over in summer. In the summer, the town on Gaogang exudes the unique aroma and taste of the family kitchen. Walking in the town will make you encounter many cats, lazy and cozy and relatives, as if the cat is the owner of this town. [Magnificent scenery from the top] Because of the high altitude, you can see the scenery below the hill. This small town with no shops, bars, or souvenir shops has not been fully developed. In addition to enjoying the interesting communication with the aborigines, the peaceful experience of the town and the appreciation of the mountain scenery have become the eternal theme of the town, and it is precisely because of this that people feel particularly relaxed and comfortable, away from the city The hustle and bustle, enjoy a moment of tranquility.
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小葡萄竹子糖果屋Right in the city center, opposite the sea, the scenery is good, many antique Italian buildings, there is a small exhibition hall, and the Italian staff are very enthusiastic. You can go in for worship, the wind is relatively strong in winter.
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M40***45The whole town of Assisi is like a fairy tale. Walking in it, you can't help but admire its exquisite beauty. When we entered the church, there were devout people praying, and there were ethereal and distant hymns in our ears, which made people calm down.