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Rhine Falls
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Altstadt Schaffhausen
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Old Town
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Menor Castle | Schaffhausen's secret shooting point Menor Castle is located at the highest point in the city of Schaffhausen, is a symbol of Schaffhausen. The ring fortress was built between 1564 and 1589 and was designed by Albrecht Drer. In the city, you can see the wide view from a unique perspective. At 9 o'clock every night, the Munot Sentinel, who lives in the tower, will ring the Munot Bell, a sign that the town gate and the tavern are closed. This was not the focus of this trip. Under the nameless insistence, we climbed the long ladder leading to the castle, and there were endless grape fields on both sides. As the height increased, the field of vision became wider and wider, and later I basically ran wildly. The Menor Castle has an inconspicuous small door that instantly falls into the dark after entering. Different from other beautifully decorated castles, all of them are unadorned stones, but they show a unique feature. Ethan's flash of light, with a stack of books, created a beautiful photo of us. Everyone must not know that we are creating the danger of "wet body".
The Hohen Klingen Castle was built in 1225 and stands on the forested hills on the north side of Stein am Rhein. It can be seen from any open place in the town. It has rarely been attacked and destroyed by war in history, so it was completely preserved today. From the opposite side of the ancient city of Stein, climb through the village to the top of the mountain, step by step along the way. Walking in the quiet mountain road, I feel that even if I am tired and panting, my mood is pleasant. The castle is 200 meters above sea level and stands here overlooking the beautiful panorama. It is both a castle and a recommended restaurant, and the town is known as the Top of Stein am Rhein, adding a new and lively chapter to Stein's rich history.
Leisurely strolling around the old town of Stein, the children are playing in the town, the guests are sipping coffee in the cafe on the side of the road, turning into the alley, unwittingly coming to a museum, by the lake The bench sat down and felt very calm. Here, flowers can be seen everywhere, red roses, pink roses, small yellow flowers and small orchids, just like God overturned the palette, colorful. I really want to sit here all the time and feel the tranquility of the lakeside.
There is almost a castle in the highest point of every town in Switzerland, and each castle is almost the best viewing point overlooking the town, but some may be known by the people because of the famous scenery, and some have been The obscurity stands there, waiting for people who understand it to discover, and the castle of Menor in Schaffhausen should belong to the latter. This free ticket to the Menor Castle is located at the highest point of the town of Schaffhausen, a circular fortification built in the 16th century. When it was first built, it was suspected by the parties whether this applies to the present, and it was only used in the 1799 French army to withdraw from Austria. The interior of the castle is different from other castles. The column divides the entire hall into a dome, and the vents leading to the platform on each dome replace the beautiful murals of other castles, forming a natural lighting device. Through the vineyards to climb up the stairs, climb the spiral staircase to the castle's empty field, 360 degree view of the Rhine and the city on both sides of the river. It is definitely one of the favorite shooting spots for landscape photographers. The hills where the castle is located are steep and the best position for warning and defense. It is said that there was a surveillance tower here in the 14th century. There were also two cannons left in the past, like telling future people about the tragic scene of the year. Mino Castle is not only a tourist attraction, but also a symbol of the town that is popular among the public. It is often used as a festival square and concert hall for the public to enjoy. It has become an inseparable part of the life of local residents.
People say that King Lake is a small Jiuzhaigou. I don't think so. The temperament of foreign lakes has European magic and mystery. This is similar to Jiuzhaigou. The shoal of pearl foam is a small happy bubble, the majestic waterfall is magnificent, and the two different tempers flow into the same river. From Ulm to the Rheinfall Rhine Falls for about 2.5 hours, this attraction is very close to Germany, and Switzerland and Germany share the Lake Constance area. 500,000 years ago, the large amount of water that was produced at the end of the Ice Age formed the terrain around the waterfall. About 200,000 years ago, before the start of another ice age called the "Ries Ice Age", the Rhine River formed and flowed from the west side of Schaffhausen. The current Rhine Falls, at the time was in the south of the river. The distance is two huge rocks, standing like a goalkeeper in the river. People can take a cruise on the top of the wind and break the waves, or look at me as far away as I can.
Yoki Huang
Located on the top of a beautiful vineyard, Mino Castle is a 16th-century circular castle that offers a bird's eye view of 360-degree city views. The hills where the castle is located are steep and the best position for warning and defense. It is said that there was a surveillance tower here in the 14th century. Every night at 21:00, you can hear the bells coming from the tower. This is the custom that has continued in the Middle Ages. In the past, whenever the bell rings, it is necessary to close the gate. Going up the stairs of the tower, it is the roof that is opened to the square, 50 meters in diameter. Mino Castle is not only a tourist attraction, but also a symbol of the town that is popular among the public. It is often used as a festival square and concert hall for public entertainment.
Coco Wang
In the small town of Schaffhausen, which is located in the north of Switzerland and bordering Germany, in addition to looking at the ancient city and the castle, it is mainly to see the majesty of the Rhine Falls. Schaffhausen built the city in 1045, whose name "Schaffhausen" means "ship home". The Rhine Falls is located about 40 km north of Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, and about 4 km southwest of Schaffhausen. It is said that the rapids of the Rhine Falls cut off the passage of the ships in the upper reaches of the Rhine. Ships down the Rhine had to find places to unload and stock in front of the waterfalls. The small town of Schaffhausen was born. The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe. Although the drop is only 30 meters, the water volume is huge and the momentum is amazing. There are many viewing platforms around the attractions, and visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the waterfall from all angles. There are two rocks in the center of the waterfall, which must be reached by boat. It is very rare to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall in the center of the rapids.
Coco Wang

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