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Geological Sites
Mass_trvery nice place to visit. They are no foreigners in this place but the locals are very friendly, i had a great time here.
161 Reviews
_We***58I haven't started school yet in the winter holiday, because it is the off-season, so only fifty tickets, half price for minors, free tickets within 14 years! The hotel is watching the comments on, the impression of Nanshan Hotel, the hotel is really very good, the boss is very good, the room has a panoramic window! You can see cows everywhere and you can experience milking yourself, 5 yuan a cup of yogurt is really good value for money, buy a few boxes back for a hand gift is also very good! Because we can't get up in the morning, I am sorry that I didn't see the sunrise, but I feel that such a beautiful scenery, the sunrise is definitely not bad! Up to Ziyang Peak, we chose to ride a horse. It is 40 yuan to ride for so long. It is also very good, worth experiencing! The only regret is that it is early spring, the grassland just has emerged young teeth, there is no endless green sight, the hotel's boss said that it is going to pass the Qingming Festival, the grassland at that time is the real grassland, but the overall is really very good, very beautiful, very worth it! Would definitely do it again if you have the chance, and it will be even more beautiful next time you come back!
73 Reviews
National Park
睡恣@M丶Yunshan National Forest Park is a national 4A level tourist attraction, provincial nature reserve, provincial scenic spot. The park is located 5 kilometers south of Wugang City, belonging to the Xuefeng Mountains, there are 71 peaks, the highest peak Zijing peak elevation 1372.5 meters, Yunshan National Forest Park is long and narrow, extending 20 kilometers, with a total area of 3110 square kilometers, known for its mountain wonders, water show, forest You, Yunhuan. Ancient Yunshan Mountain was called the four famous mountains of Hunan together with Hengshan, Yuelu and Jiulu. There is no hot summer in Yunshan National Forest Park, which is cool and pleasant. The average temperature in the summer of the mountain area is about 25℃, which is a typical mountain-type summer resort in the province.
76 Reviews
187***16If it is still in the acceptance period, the infrastructure has not been completed yet but there is no charge. In winter, the water is small, but it’s nice to walk on the mountain trails, the valley is a little bit bright, looking forward to coming again in summer
129 Reviews
City Park
_CF***78I live in Green Spring next to the park. I don’t have to take a walk in the park for a month. However, I live next to the park. The environment is good, the wind is very windy, and the air is fresh. Many people take a walk, and many people bring children to the park during holidays. As the only park in Shaodong, I would like to give it a thumbs up!
60 Reviews
KXMYTVery beautiful natural scenery, especially the reflection of the night light reflected in the water is beautiful, it is very comfortable to walk along the river with the evening wind..............

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Langshan MountainShaoyang,China

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Shaoyang Nanshan MountainShaoyang,China

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Shufu TheaterShaoyang,China

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Weiyuan LibraryShaoyang,China

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Shehu MountainShaoyang,China

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Shaoyang Travel Tips

About Shaoyang

Shaoyang is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Hunan province. The city has been an important transportation hub and economic center for generations and is home to many historical relics. There are also a number of scenic attractions including Langshan Mountain, the spectacular Bajiaozhai Scenic Area, and Nanshan Scenic Area, known as “the New Zealand of China” due to its beautiful natural scenery and grazing cattle.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shaoyang
22 Oct, 2021 Shaoyang Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:37/17:59
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