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Things To Do in Sichuan

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Eleanor BeresfordLoved it! Saw so many pandas, the enclosures are large and people can't get too close, which is good for the pandas. It was raining but the pandas were still hanging out outside, and we saw a big range of pandas at different stages in the development. There's a museum too which was informative and, even though we went in the middle of the day, it wasn't too busy and had no queues.
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Water Conservancy Project
Yoj DThe weather is cloudy. The irrigation scenery is amazing. We went there during holiday so it’s a bit crowded. I’m curious what’s the significance of the stone packed in a bamboo.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
E29***70Absolutely breathtaking and worth fighting the crowds for. Most tourists there ride the park bus between each attraction, so if you walk along the beautiful walkways instead there will be considerably less people. There is no food to purchase inside the park so bring lunch and snacks, just not instant noodles as it is very hard to find hot water.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
_We***88A very beautiful place ! Unfortunately we didn’t have the best weather but it was still a lovely day hiking in the misty mountains. The fog gave the place a mysterious feel, especially on top op the mountain at the golden summit. The village has lots of beautiful temples and views.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
NicoleenIt's definitely a must see! Beautiful scenery and nice walk. It's amazing to think the work that went into creating the Giant Buddha. We went early morning so it was quite and peaceful.
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Taoist Temple
E25***89It’s a beautiful place to get away from downtown for a day or two. Fresh air, fab scenery & cultural places of interest. Easy to take a bus or train from Chengdu