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Things To Do in Sicily

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湘阴王离Mount Etna in Sicily can be said to be a famous volcano in Italy. It is also very famous throughout Europe. If you have the opportunity to come to Sicily, you should be able to visit it. This is a one-day itinerary. If conditions permit, most people will choose to go to the highest peak. However, it is too risky to go to 3200 meters in black smoke recently. I was helpless, I had no choice but to retreat to the second section of 2000 meters above sea level. It was also very windy. It felt super cool, and there was a feeling of being the top! I have been to Taishan before and felt that there are still many differences between active volcanoes and world historical and cultural heritages like Taishan. There are a lot of cultural landscapes missing, but there is more natural beauty. Nice experience! Generally, it is necessary to organize a group to hire a professional local tour guide.
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泰宁根吴承恩The castle is quite a sight to see. It has a long history and is well-protected, and it is really nothing to say to appreciate the sea from the side of the castle. There are not many people, it is a very pleasant place, and the sea view here is really amazing!
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elsashen0529The underground treasure of Palermo Cathedral is really worth exploring. It contains a lot of religious treasures. It is really a treasure, with the bishop's crown, studded with jewels, and inlaid with gold, as well as many religious artifacts. It's all made of metal, a very wealthy church
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大姐小露開心果Built in the 3rd century BC, this U-shaped theatre is built at the foot of the staunch Taormina Hill with its sea-less oysters overlooking the coastline and seeing the Etna Volcano inhales and spit 10€ language guide 5€ follow instructions to listen to each sign before the front walls of the theatre have already blemished The semicircular brick walls at the back are still full of stone steps, with long wooden seats and the front row seats with more comfortable seats because the front of the big concert theater is full of spotlights, and the audio tourists are not able to appreciate the stage with a sense of vicissitudes. Around the rear brick wall is the viewing platform, the sea and the sky are beautiful, the unique location of the top of the mountain of the Taormina Open-air Theatre becomes the most distinctive Greek theater in the world ~
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大姐小露開心果Founded in 1554, the fountain of the Pritoria is the quintessentially Palermo landmarks, the square of the fountain is magnificent and surrounded by the main statues with about 30 nude statues, many of which are lifelike and vivid sculptures of the Olympians and amazingly beautiful from the designers of the year The nude statues in Tuscany in central Dali make it hard for conservative churches to accept that they are indecent and call it a "Shame Fountain" which was built in 1554 as the Pritoria Fountain of Palermo's archaeological landmark The fountain square is magnificent and stands around the main statues of about 30 nude statues, many of which are lifelike and vivid sculptures of the Olympians, the beauty of which is amazing, the designers of the year from the avant-garde Tuscany in central Italy It's funny to let those conservative churchmen who come to church nearby take it as indecent and call this fountain a shame fountain to this day that nickname is louder than the real name ~
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fz570628The "Valley of the Temples" is a small hill 2 kilometers south of Agrigento, Sicily, Italy. Standing on the top of the hill, you have a wide view, overlooking Agrigento in the front, and green valleys in the back. The top of the hill is lined with brownish red The remains of ancient Greek temples, the temple stands upright and majestic, like a rainbow.