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Things To Do in Songpan

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
CoreybBakerbloody beautiful place! it takes two hours to drive from the valley around and worth traveling down and staying in Songpan. About, one hour driving. Huanglong is busy!! try go early in the morning to avoid long wait for tickets and the gondola trip up. stay about 3/4 hours!
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_GG***37Hello everyone, we visited the mouni Valley today and we were very surprised from this place, mainly because the lakes before the hot springs ( which were definitely cold and not hot spring). The coler of the lakes were pure and amazing different kinds of blue and green colors. The trail was very easy and we also visit the waterfall which were very close to first site, but in my opinion the Waterfall was less impressive.
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Ancient Settlement
CoreybBakerbest ancient city we have visited in China, one or two tourists shops but most of the old city is still working as normal. You don’t feel like a tourist and they have great wine and coffee
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_FB***78lovely place to visit. view all the way down the moutain is incredible. weather in october is really good.
Nearby City
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
CoreybBakerforeigners are welcome again!! we had two full days walking in the park. only 2/3 is open at the moment as they are still repairing the valleys. it’s amazing and apart from two lakes and one waterfall we only run into a few other couples. lots of tourist are covering quickly trying to see the whole park using the get on/off bus system. I’d take the bus until the first stop cross the lake to the other side without a road and enjoy the day walking up the valley.
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电风扇啊电风扇Huanglong Scenic Area originally had three temples in front of the temple, the middle temple, and the ancient temple. The former temple can no longer see the appearance of the building, and it has become a ruin. The middle temple is in the azalea forest. It is not open to tourists and no one manages it. Only the ancient temple is open to tourists and has incense. The ancient temple is 3.5 kilometers away from the mouth of the mouth. The name of the temple was built in the early Ming Dynasty, but it is inherited from Taoism. There are many legends about the temple that Huanglong really cultivated here. There is also a couplet in the temple, the sound of pine, the sound of bamboo, the sound of bells, the sound of free, the mountains and the water, the haze, and the colors are all empty, expressing the detachment and relief of those who practice in the deep mountains far from the red dust