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South Governorate
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Looking for things to do in South Governorate? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Sidon Souks
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Crusaders Sea Castle
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Museum du Savon
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Tyre Beach
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Tyre Hippodrome
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Khan al-Franj
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Debbane Palace
Jezzine Waterfall
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Kfarhim Grotto
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Temple of Eshmoun
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Our Lady of Mantara
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Jezzine Grand Municipality
Where to Stay
Discover the most popular places to stay in South Governorate, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.
El Boutique Hotel
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Dar Camelia
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Platinum Hotel
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Crown Royal Hotel Tyr
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Green Lake Hotel - Jezzine
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#memories #lebanon Great Memories From Lebanon with My brother Mano
Lebanon the underrated Tourism Spot
Samal Jarjees
The ancient seaside town of Tye in Southern Lebanon is filled with colorful alleyways, historic ruins, and beautiful beach shacks where you can enjoy some fresh seafood and delicious Man’oushe Za’atar in between swims in the clear water. In Tyre you’ll also find Roman ruins that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the largest hippodrome in antiquity, a necropolis, and a sea harbor submerged underwater. And what makes it even better, is that you won’t find giant groups of tourists there! I was the only one at these UNESCO sites when I visited, and the town has very chilled beach vibes filled with locals enjoying a day off with family. #awesomepic
Alexandra Saper
Tyre Beach in Lebanon! Wonderful! 💕💕
In the old market, the famous soap museum houses a variety of handmade soaps. For this special museum, we searched the map all the way. The result was not found at the end. It was accidentally hit by an Ottoman building - Debbane Palace. . From the iconic high staircase into the gate, walk up the spiral staircase to the front desk of the hotel, and downstairs is the bustling street, into the front hall, a gentleman-like housekeeper reception We introduced us to the intricate mosaic decoration, handmade cedar ceilings, interesting historical exhibits and touching historical stories. This former Ottoman nobility building was built in 1721. The entire palace features typical diwans (oriental living room), liwan (a long and narrow hall), several rooms and an open-air courtyard. Features the Ottoman period brown and white striped stones and intricate mosaic gram tiles. Although it is located on the bustling streets of Saida, the interior of the house is a quiet place. The most touching of this ancient Ottoman architecture is the wonderful story that takes place here.