South Iceland
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Things To Do in South Iceland

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M26***58A waterfall in southwestern Iceland on the Hvita River, a tributary of the Olfusa River. It falls 32 meters (105 baht) and is then flowing into the southern agricultural region. It is a popular tourist site with roads leading to Reykjavik.
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Oo西野司oO📚U.S. "Island Magazine" listed the Black Beach of Vic Town as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. After being carved by nature, the basalt has become black sand. 🇮🇸 So when you come to Iceland, you must come to this black beach to get a closer look. There are two ways to play in Black Beach. One is to climb to the Diholari Strait and overlook the black sand beach from a height, which is particularly majestic. Another is to play directly on the black sand beach. You must pay attention to both methods. The wind here is very strong, and if you don't pay attention, it will make you feel unstable. 🧍‍♂️Standing on the natural piano keyboard on the basalt mountain wall, I feel that this place can explain the end of the world and people’s imagination of outer space planets. 🌊 The scorching molten slurry that once could destroy everything, becomes delicate and soft black sand under the icy cold sea water, in the face of time-the vicissitudes of life. 🔱The Raynes Rock standing in the sea is said to be petrified by giants. It is called the two monsters on the sea horizon. It is also one of the filming locations of "Game of Thrones". The sky is getting darker, and the black beaches and natural rocks add a bit of ethereal and mystery to this sea area.
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大姐小露開心果The town of Vik is famous for its black sandy beaches. It is formed by the impact of volcanic eruption. Stonehenge by the sea has been featured in the Hollywood movie. I saw the rainbow in the rain.
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龙年龙山人Highway 1, I thought it was a luxurious road. In fact, it is just an ordinary road with one road in both directions. In some places, there is only one road in both directions, which requires comity. But it is this road that gives me a very good driving feeling. First, it has a good view and can be seen by vehicles coming from a few kilometers away. Second, it is patchy, connected by hillsides, flat ground, and straight curves. The design is probably reasonable. Very comfortable. It is not like in China, where there are rest spots, meals, toilets and even accommodation on the road. The roadside is generally not allowed to stop, and must be suspended at a temporary parking place. There are a lot of center turntables when driving out of Lei City, so I will go straight in the future. The scenic spots along the road will have a certain distance, most of which are not too far away. There is no charge on the road, and there is no charge for parking at the scenic spots. You can buy food in the small towns along the way, and there are free toilets. But we still have enough food and drink in the big supermarket in Lei City. Salmon, sausage, bread, soda, etc.
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齐步走123The forest waterfall is one of the many waterfalls in Iceland. The scenery is very good. When we arrived, the weather was super good. The water vapor of the waterfall created a particularly beautiful rainbow under the sunlight, which was impressive.
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老王1954Hiking for 3 hours, in fact, wearing equipment for half an hour, hiking to the glacier for 1 hour, the limited time on the glacier is not enough. The sound of crampons stepping on Gragra on the glacier was very healing. The weather is fine and sweaty. In addition to bringing the ultimate visual shock, it also has an important and wonderful role in regulating the temperature and salinity of the sea.