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National Park
石之若璞石之若璞Take a yacht tour of the supposedly eighth wonder of the world's Milford fjord~ magnificent glacier landscape remains~ both sides of the cliff iceberg and snowfall like white water hanging high~ the seal rock near the sea really has seals in the sun, the distance is far away, the mobile phone is not very clear, But you can see clearly a rock with a dozen fatty people on it ~ yacht commentary, or divided into English, Chinese, Japanese ~ Although it is about three hours drive from Queenstown to Fjord National Park, you can pass through some small attractions on the road, and the scenery on the road is not bad. It's not boring ~ or a worth-a-tour ~
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_m1***62_m1***62Take a boat to the Te Anau Glowworm Caves-a cave with rotating water, discovered by the explorer Lawson Bruns in 1948. The water in the cave is 9 meters deep, and there are fireflies flashing like stars without wearing a life jacket. The dark icy water was on the boat, and I felt that the danger index was quite high.
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National Park
pxy0705pxy0705Fiordland National Park in Queenstown has two very beautiful fjords, one is Doubtful Sound and the other is Milford Sound. The two fjords are different, but they are both very beautiful. You can choose to take a boat or hike. There are many scenery and the air is very good. It is definitely worth a visit.
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Geological Sites
闲来有趣闲来有趣Picture 1 After checking in at the hotel in Te Anau, walked around. The lake in Te Anau is also very big. Walking along the shore in Figure 3.4, I found sea water. On the map, this lake is considered to be a fjord, and as far as I know, the fjord is already a part of the sea. I tasted it and it was still fresh water, so I don’t know. [Halo] Figure 5 shows the "Kepler Trail", the first of the nine major trails in New Zealand. It usually takes 4 days and 3 nights to walk normally. We walked to the entrance of this famous trail (Figure 6) and "admired" it. It is also amazing to see the lake scenery here (Figure 7.8). Figure 9 Back to the city park at the entrance of the hotel, and the snow-capped mountains of the fjord in the distance...
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pxy0705pxy0705Doubtful Sound in Queenstown is the most beautiful place here. The bay is full of towering mountains, dense vegetation, and the sea is very calm. There are often dolphins and whales. So take a boat to enter the customs to watch dolphins and whales. The best tourist project here, you must come and experience it.
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Boat Tour
广州丁满广州丁满Don't look directly at the map. Milford Fjord is very close to Queenstown in a straight line, but if you want to take a detour to Te Anau and have to cross the mountains for about 4 hours, the scenery along the road is beautiful, and you can also choose to take a helicopter to arrive quickly. Therefore, the usual one-day tour, in the fjord, is to participate in a cruise project with lunch, which lasts about 2 hours. The wharf is still quite large. There are red boats and blue boats. I take the blue boat (real journeys), and there are different sizes of boats, but most of them have similar structures. After boarding the boat, go to the first floor to get a buffet. Go back to the first and second floors where the location has been arranged. If there are not many tourists, you can sit as you please. The cabin environment is clean and comfortable, the windows are bright and clean, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while sitting. You can also take pictures on the top deck of the boat, and of course pay attention to sun protection. Since the boat's voyage is to the fjord estuary and then back the same way, you can eat first without worrying. On the return journey, you can see large rocks where seals gather, a lot of waterfalls, and high mountains on both sides of the bank. Even in summer, you can see the white snow on the top of the mountain. The scenery is beautiful and unique.

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