Surf Coast Shire
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梦入翰林Great Ocean Road, Split Point Lighthouse Great Ocean Road, was built to commemorate the soldiers who participated in the First World War. The people who participated in the construction also included many veterans who participated in the war. The total length is 276 kilometers and the scenery is extremely beautiful. Starting from Melbourne, there is a cliff on the right, the Indian Ocean on the left, and Antarctica at the end of the ocean. This is far from comparable to Binhai Road and Yanhu Road. The first attraction on the Great Ocean Road is the split point lighthouse. It is said that the locals can't remember this name, because the top of the tower is red, so they call it "Little Red Riding Hood Lighthouse." Below the lighthouse is the observation deck, the view is very good, you can see the first rock of the Twelve Apostles. The scenic spots are free, no tickets are required, there are not many people, it is recommended to drive by car or a day trip group to play.
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珍珍吖头Arriving at Lorne, driving to the top of the mountain, erskine falls flowed down from the top, the sound of water gurgling. The valley is quiet and cool, the sun shines through the shadows of the trees, and the air is fresh. I don't know how many oxygen ions it contains. , The trees are lush, the stems are straight, and the trees are towering.
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优的良仕Lorne is the first town on the B100, and many people choose to live here for the first night. Although the town is not big, there is a beautiful beach where you can swim and have a free bath on the beach. The room is still very convenient for tourists. Unfortunately, in the current weather, the thick-skinned locals dare to go to the sea. We all put on jackets, but the evening scenery is still very good. Dinner can also be solved here, but there are not many choices. They are all Western food. There is only one Chinese food. A bowl of noodles is 23 dollars. It is not delicious. It is really too wasteful. I wanted to go to the supermarket to buy things, but the supermarket here. It closed before 6 o'clock on the weekend, alas. Cute sunflower parrots, this cute animal that may only be seen in zoos in China, fly in groups in Lorne, and you can see them everywhere on the beach.