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Things To Do in Taihe

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Ancient Villages
吴立珍Jianghuai ancient village has a unique Chinese village fengshui culture, Jianghuai village back to the mountain by the water, according to the unique mountain, water system and environment, the ancients have created the unique fengshui culture Jianghuai around the river, there are thousands of mu meadow in front of the village, the village behind the Qingshan as a screen, is a staggered, Beautiful village with mountains and water.
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风雨者ggOn the banks of the Lijiang River, the beach and the Kuixing Tower, there is a small river on the edge of the Huashi Lake, and the river water pours into the Lijiang River to realize the intersection of the rivers.
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National Park
滇国剑客Because of the dense green, this Jia has become Taihe Forest Park without any suspense, and because the forest has green eyes and spit out sufficient oxygen, it has become a beautiful place for people to combine viewing and sports.
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滇国剑客The key to Suxi Tangdeng Forest Wetland Park is that the fresh air that nourishes the heart and lungs is able to generate electricity. The key is that there are not only thick forests, but also a lot of mixed forests. The Internet grows into a landscape.
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Ancient Pagoda
风雨者ggOn a spring day outing to look for the quiet, Taihe Kuixingwen Pagoda is located in the ancient village on the river bank, at the foot of the mountain and on the banks of the Gan River in the northeast, hidden in a camphor forest. There is a large penholder camphor next to the pagoda. A small stream flows by the tower and leads to Ganjiang. . .
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Ancient Trees
风雨者ggThousand-year old camphor. . . A single tree becomes a forest. . . . .

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