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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
139***13The Qing Dongling is located 30 kilometers northwest of Zunhua City, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, 125 kilometers west of Beijing City, covering 80 square kilometers. It is the largest, complete and well-laid imperial mausoleum in China. The Qing Dongling Mausoleum began to be built in 1661 (Shunzhi 18), and it lasted 247 years, and 217 palace arches were built one after another, and it was composed of 15 cemeteries. The mausoleum area is 12.5 km long and 20 km wide, and there are 161 people buried by 5 emperors, 15 empresses, 136 puppets, 3 elder brothers and 2 princesses. There are too many stories about the Qing Dongling.
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Ancient Settlement
139***13Enter the ancient city of Jingzhou in Tangshan, not into the tourist attractions, but into another state of life, Jingzhou ancient city has the northern Jiangnan water, the Chinese shadow art, the Chinese drama art of the town of the beautiful name. It is a north style water town, named after the Huaihe River, as early as Liao Dynasty, there is the old site of the ancient city of Huaizhou, now the ancient city is rebuilt and rebuilt, "from the ancient Jingdong unparalleled land, from the first state of Kansai", is a historical city that experienced the nourishing culture of the millennium, The ancient street is the style of the building, a small river twisting in the city, and let the ancient city has the charm of the south of the Yangtze River, become "North small river south." The ancient city retro buildings are numerous, high ancient gates, chic small bridge, quiet flowing water, river banks willows. Visiting the ancient city can be along the waterway or boat rides, the streets are equipped with rickshaws, monkeys, biking for tourists, experience the novelty of different vehicles. The specialty Chess Biscuits are famous specialty snacks in Tangshan area of Hebei Province. It is named because of the appearance of a small drum and a chess piece. It is said that it is not greasy but is loved by people. It is said that during the 1960s when Premier Zhou visited Poland, he sent people to Tangshan to buy chess pieces Biscuits as a national gift. To the foreign guests.
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M32***30The island was soon attracted by rows of buildings, the water structure is neat as a textbook on the water Venice. The wind blows through the island with a faint fragrance of flowers, every corner can take beautiful pictures. Play sand with children at the beach, sand is very delicate, barefoot walk very comfortable.
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Theme Park
翡翠银One price is included, it is very good from the entrance parking lot, the land is large, convenient, and there is no charge. The volunteers are very many and enthusiastic, so the experience is very comfortable, not affected by more than five people. The bad thing is that you need to improve the details, like the trains that you can get on the alert and you can't get stuck. The most important thing is that volunteers take away all the things that bikes take. It was so annoying, I suggest that he have no reason to take the bike by setting up several hooks on the side of the bike stand.
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Geological Sites
义门回归The scenery is not bad here, the mountain is not very high, the trees are forested, the greenery is shaded, the mountain climbing road is gentle, there is a place to rest and stop not far away, suitable for the elderly and children leisurely play in spring, summer and autumn! The rock on the mountain is a part of the cobblestone accumulation, has its own geological characteristics! There are many rides in the scenic area, including rafting, cable slip, drought slip, glass path, etc., it is necessary to charge additional fees! You can not take the glass path, and go down from the mountain through the mouth! No glass path, slow to play 3-4 hours! The parking lot is not far from the scenic gate. It takes 5-10 minutes to walk. The local people can take electric three-wheeled electricity to the gate for 5 yuan. There are also tour buses in the scenic area for 5 yuan per person! There are many farmyards on the way to the scenic gate to eat!
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社会颜色The construction of the Hebei Kailuan National Mine Park began in 2005 8 months, and the total plan covers an area of nearly 700,000 square meters, and is divided into two major parks. One is to build "the modern industrial exposition park of northern China" in the A district of Tangshan Mine, the other is to build "the old Tangshan town" in the former site of the former Tangshan Mine storage yard, the two major scenic spots are connected by the mine-owned railway, forming a complete tourist park. The museum and three separate exhibition halls are built in the park, which cover the generation and origin of coal, the ancient mining history, the geological structure and occurrence of the coal field in Kailuan, the coal mining process and the coal mining history, the use of electricity, the knowledge of electricity and the development of electricity, History of steam locomotives and railway transportation in China, underground exploration, knowledge of coal mining collapse, etc.

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About Tangshan

Tangshan is surrounded by the Bohai Sea. Known as the "cradle of modern Chinese industry", it is a coastal town with one hundred years of history. In 1976, after the Great Tangshan Earthquake, a completely new city was built on the site of the ruins. Tangshan is nestled between the ocean and mountains. The complex and diverse landforms, local history and culture have combined to create a unique tourist destination. With the Great Wall to the north, there are all kinds of historical and cultural attractions to see. With the ocean to the south and many offshore islands, Tangshan has become an excellent holiday resort destination.

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